Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 667

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Chapter 667: Personally telling him

He did not know who won or lost this competition.  He only knew that if she lost, prince Na Mu would take her away and he would never allow that!

“Chu Shao Yang, let me go!  I’m not leaving, I didn’t lose!”  Chen Ning struggled, but she could not escape his grasp.  How could her strength compare to his?

A person suddenly appeared in front of Chu Shao Yang.  He was against the light, but that yellow robe was adorned with golden flying dragons, making it bright and sparkling.  With the wind blowing against it, the five clawed dragon seemed like it was flying, releasing a strong pressure.

“Shao Yang, what are you doing?”  Mo Chuan calmly said. He had one hand holding Chu Shao Yang’s arm and his grip was not gentle.

The veins on Chu Shao Yang’s head suddenly popped out as he slowly raised his chin and met Mo Chuan’s gaze.  His eyes did not contain any courtesy at all.

“He, he, so it’s the emperor.  This minister should be asking the emperor the same thing, what does the emperor want to do?”  He coldly said with eyes filled with hostility.

Mo Chuan’s brow knits as he calmly said, “You can leave, but the princess cannot!”

“Why?”  Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth.

“Because before the results are finalized, she cannot leave.  King Ding Yuan, remember that you personally recommended your princess to this one.  If you didn’t want her to participate, why did you bring her here? Since she’s here and has competed, then she needs to remain for the result of the competition, no matter if she wins or loses.  This is her responsibility!”

Mo Chuan said in a low and deep voice, speaking very slowly.

When Chu Shao Yang thought of this regret, his intestines turned green.  He said in a numb voice, “Emperor, do you know the consequences if she loses?”

“Of course this one knows!  But this one knows that she will definitely not lose!”

Chu Shao Yang looked at Mo Chuan and his lips curled into a smile that had an unclear meaning.  It was full of ridicule and triumph.

“Emperor, don’t you have great hopes that she can win?”

“Of course this one hopes so, every West Chu person on the scene will have this hope.  King Ding Yuan, do you hope she loses?” Mo Chuan could not understand Chu Shao Yang’s smile.  He felt his heart turn cold like something bad was about to happen.

“That’s right.  If she wins, she can take out the imperial decree written by the emperor and separate from this king.  Emperor, haven’t you always been looking forward to this moment?” Chu Shao Yang continued speaking with a smile.

“How do you know?”  Mo Chuan said through gritted teeth.

His pupils tightened and his hands unknowingly used more force.  Chu Shao Yang’s bones creaked, but he did not reveal a trace of pain on his face as his smile became even more cheerful.

“This minister knows even more, but there is one matter that the emperor surely does not know.  That imperial decree that you personally wrote now no longer exists. It has been personally turned into ashes by Ning’er and has been blown away by the wind.  Knowing this information, does the emperor feel disappointed?”

Mo Chuan felt like his heart was grabbed by a large invisible hand and it was so painful he almost could not breath.

He screamed out, “You’re lying, this is not true.  She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t!”

His eyes filled with pain looked at Chen Ning, there was utter disbelief in the bottom of his eyes.  He did not believe Chu Shao Yang’s words, not a single word!

Chu Shao Yang’s grip tightened on Chen Ning’s arm as he said with a smile in a low voice, “Ning’er, you should personally tell him.  Was what this king said true? You should tell him.”

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