Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 666

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Chapter 666: Judging it together

Everyone stared at Ye Ting Xuan with wide eyes.  They were thinking, could Princess Husband Ye be cheating and being biased for the Ding Yuan Princess?

Mo Chuan’s heart was also filled with doubt.  Although he believed in Chen Ning’s strength, he also knew that Na Mu Cuo would be confident of his victory since he proposed this competition.  Moreover, he was faster than Chen Ning by half a cup of tea’s time, so even if their writing was the same, it should be Na Mu Cuo’s victory.

Could Na Mu Cuo have made a mistake?

“Ting Xuan, are you certain?  This is indeed the princess’ victory?”  Mo Chuan asked again.

“This citizen is certain that it is the Princess Consort’s victory.”  Ye Ting Xuan confidently replied.

When Ye Ting Xuan’s voice fell, he heard Na Mu Cuo’s cold voice say, “Where did this shit referee come from?  This prince’s writing is exactly the same as your stele writing, how can you say this prince has lost? Even if she didn’t make a single mistake, according to time, it should be this prince’s victory!”

Ye Ting Xuan already guess Na Mu Cuo would react this way, so he said, “Your highness, if you don’t believe it, you can personally compare it.  You can see if Ting Xuan’s judgement is unfair or not.”

“Someone, hang these two writing beside the stele and let the crown prince personally compare it.”

Mo Chuan wave his hand and gave the order.

“If the prince still feels this is unfair, you can have your country’s envoys examine it together.  Ting Xuan, call our people down to judge it together.” Mo Chuan also added.

Although he didn’t know what mysteries it had, he believed that if Ting Xuan dared make this judgement, he was certain that Chen Ning would win.

Soon, Chen Ning and Na Mu Cuo’s writings were hung on both sides of the stone stele.

People surrounded the stele from both sides, both East Qin and West Chu people were surrounding the stele.  Their eyes were wide open as they looked at the original stele and comparing it to the writing on both sides.

Mo Chuan stood in front of everyone.  When he looked over it for the first time, his mind was filled with doubt.  It seemed like Chen Ning and Na Mu Cuo’s writings were exactly the same. Both side did not miss a single word, so why did Ye Ting Xuan say that it was Chen Ning’s victory?

He couldn’t help looking over at Ye Ting Xue, but he saw Ye Ting Xuan reveal a faint smile.  He had a sly look in his eyes as he gave a slight nod to him. He was sure that Ye Ting Xuan had confidence, so his heart fell down.

His eyes couldn’t help crossing through the crowd to look for her figure.  His eyes suddenly focused as he saw her.

She was still standing in the same spot, not rushing over with everyone to compare the stele and writings.  There was only a purple clothed young man standing beside her. With a straight figure and a handsome face, it was Chu Shao Bai.

His hands were on her shoulders and he had his head lowered as his lips moved, as if he was asking her something.  The sound was very low and even Mo Chuan’s good ears could not hear what he was asking.

She looked down and would not look at him.  His brows jumped up with anger as he grabbed her shoulders and shook, shaking her to the point where her smooth hair fell down.

She finally raised her head and looked into his eyes, giving a strong nod.

The anger in Chu Shao Yang’s face increased as his hands tightened on her shoulders.  Her brows knit in pain, but she did not make a single sound.

“You are mine!  No one can steal you from my side, you’re leaving with me now!”

He finally roared out.  He grabbed her hand and began to pull her away.

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