Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 668

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Chapter 668: Experienced hunter

“That’s right, the imperial decree no longer exists, it was personally burned by me.”  Chen Ning finally looked up and met Mo Chuan’s gaze. Her eyes were completely calm, not revealing any waves.

She used all her strength to calm herself because she couldn’t be agitated.  In front of everyone, she could not let anyone see that she was related to Mo Chuan.

Now that she had already promised to return to Chu Shao Yang’s side, the only thing she could do was forget Mo Chuan, forget all the sweet memories between them.

She could not give Mo Chuan any more hope.

It would be best if they just forgot each other.

If he could hate her, let him hate her.  Hating a person was always simpler than loving a person.

Mo Chuan’s body heavily trembled.  He stared at her, simply not believing the words she had spoken.

“Why?”  His voice was numb and vague, but she could still hear it.

She revealed a smile that was simply intoxicatingly sweet, but this smile was not for him, but rather Chu Shao Yang beside her.

“Because Shao Yang, he…..is very, very good to me.  After so long, I finally realized that I can’t leave him.  We had our misunderstandings in the past, but all of these have been solved and I’m willing to forgive him, so naturally I’ll return to his side.  This answer, is the emperor satisfied?” She looked up at Chu Shao Yang beside her, speaking in a soft voice that was pleasant to listen to.

But each word she said was like a dagger cutting her heart.

Mo Chuan felt like his heart must be bleeding because it hurt too much.  Wave after wave of pain came from his heart, so painful that his face twisted.

The smile on her face stabbed his eyes, slowly making them turn warm.

He felt a wave of heat in his eyes and her figure in front of him turned hazy.

He couldn’t cry!  He definitely couldn’t cry!

Mo Chuan raised his head and looked up into the blue sky, looking at the vast expanse.

This was the West Chu sky and he was the ruler, could he lose the prestige of the ruler because of his personal feelings?

He definitely couldn’t!

No matter how scarred his heart was, no matter how much it hurt, he could not let anyone see any changes with him.

“I’m satisfied.”  Mo Chuan slowly looked back down.  His eyes looked over the faces of the two people in front of him as his eyes calmed down, as if nothing had happened.

He slowly said these two words before letting go of Chu Shao Yang’s arm and turning to walk away.

The way he walked off, there was not sentiment left at all.  He did not even look back once at her.

Chu Shao Yang’s lips curled and he revealed a satisfied smile.

That’s right, this was the ending that he wanted.

He was like an experienced hunter, not rushed at all.  He would patiently wait for his prey to fall into his trap before opening his net and tightly trapping her, never letting her escape.

The voices of these three people were very low and no one on the field heard what they said or saw what they did.  This was because everyone was focused on the stele and writing, comparing them.

But there was one person that did not look away from them from the beginning.

Although Chu Shao Bai stood in the crowd by the stele, he was paying attention to them the whole time.

He saw Mo Chuan leave without looking back, walking with large steps, having an indifferent expression on his face.  He knew that something must have happened.

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  1. Alfredi1111 says:

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      At most, if Mo Chuan and Chen Ning aren’t the OTP here, then it’ll either be that CSBai gets a chance, or a new character does.

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