Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 665

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Chapter 665: Ending that exceeded everyone’s expectations

Mo Chuan took a step forward and he couldn’t help reaching his right hand towards her, wanting to hold her hand.

“Emperor, this is the inscription made by this minister’s wife.  I ask your highness to look it over.”

Chen Ning immediately looked away and lowered her head, moving a step back from his grasp.  She took her paper and her knees bent slightly as she presented it to him.

Her movement came at the right time.  It was like he reached his hand not to hold her hand, but to take the inscription she had just written.

In front of the hundreds of pairs of eyes on the field, there was not a single person that discovered any discrepancies.

There were only a few people that knew and Empress Dowager Zhou was one of them.

Seeing Mo Chuan get off the stands to move to her, Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart was high in her throat.  She was afraid that her sensible son would throw away everything for his emotions, doing something that will shame the country and the royal family.

When she saw her son want to grab his niece in law’s hand in front of all these ministers, Empress Dowager Zhou’s face could no longer be described as just ugly.  But following that, Chen Ning’s graceful deflection of this allowed her to let out a sigh of relief.

She secretly patted her chest as she thought: It’s still good, lucky!

She couldn’t help standing up on the stands and given a few heavy coughs.

Mo Chuan took her writing from her and slowly unrolled it.  His eyes finally moved from her face to the writing in his hands.

Because her voice was like cooling water.  It was thrown onto the flames in his chest and it quickly made him calm down.

Especially when he heard Empress Dowager Zhou’s warning cough from the stands.  He remember his identity and how important this competition was. He was the country’s ruler, he could not do anything that caused a loss for the country.

“Ting Xuan, you are proficient in both West Chu and East Qin words.  This stele was personally write by you, so you will judge them. You will see if this contest is the East Qin Crown Prince’s win or the Ding Yuan Princess win.”

Mo Chuan gave Chen Ning’s writing to Ye Ting Xuan.

Ye Ting Xuan took it with a bow and spread it across the table.  He then took the one written by Na Mu Cuo. He placed them side by side as he began to compare the two of them.

Na Mu Cuo was very confident as he crossed his hands behind him while being high spirited.  He just smiled at Chen Ning, revealing an arrogant and proud smile.

Chen Ning was slightly looking down.  She did not look at Na Mu Cuo or Mo Chuan and she looked very calm, like she did not care about winning or losing at all.

The breath of all the West Chu people on the stand were being held as they opened their eyes wide and piqued their ears.  They were nervously waiting for Ye Ting Xuan to announce the result of the competition.

After a while, Ye Ting Xuan put down the two pieces of writing in his hand.  He looked up with shining eyes and spoke with a bright voice.

“Reporting to the emperor, after this citizen’s careful discernment, this competition is the princess’ victory!”

Not only did he know how to write East Qin language, he was also fluent in East Qin language.  After he said this, he repeated what he just said in East Qin language.

Hearing this, the stands on both side fell into an uproar, like a tub of boiling oil being poured into ice cold water.

The East Qin people all shouted out.



“The Crown Prince will not lose!”

“You West Chu people are cheating!”

The people on the West Chu stand were all filled with joy.  This result had completely exceeded their expectations. They were shocked and did not dare believe it.

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