Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 664

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Chapter 664: Who wins and who loses

Never in his dreams would he have imagined that the promise between Chen Ning and Na Mu Cuo would be like this!

If he knew this earlier, he would not have allowed her to participate no matter what.

Chu Shao Yang’s teeth creaked from him gritting them.

Bastard!  Damn! This damn East Qin Crown Prince!  He was too rude, too arrogant! He actually had ideas towards his princess, was he impatient to die!

“King Ding Yuan, calm down, calm down!”

“Don’t be impulsive!  There is the emperor to make the final decision!”

The ministers were all shocked into breaking out in a cold sweat from the killing intent he released.  The ministers that had a good relation with him all went over to advise him.

But Chu Shao Yang ignored everything.  His eyes were red as his hand went to the soft sword at his waist.  He walked over to the side of the stands and was prepared to jump down.

“Shao Yang, stop!”

There was a red figure that flashed forward.  Eldest Princess An Le’s hand was fast as she grabbed Chu Shao Yang’s shoulder, reprimanding in a cold voice, “What do you want to do!”

“Royal aunt, don’t stop me!  I want to kill him! He…..He actually wants to steal my Ning’er!”  Chu Shao Yang said through gritted teeth.

The Eldest Princess said in a low voice in his ear, “If you kill him, you will break the peace between the two countries.  You will spark the flames of war and the citizens will lose their peace. The most important thing is that you will cause your father to die!”

Although her voice was low, it was cleared his head and Chu Shao Yang’s killing intent disappeared.

His blood red eyes turned to the Eldest Princess and he numbly said, “But royal aunt, can I just let him steal Ning’er away?”

“How is that possible!”  The Eldest Princess said, “Even if you agree, the emperor will never agree.  Not to mention that the promise between them is that only if Ning’er loses that she will leave with the East Qin Crown Prince.  Do you believe the East Qin Crown Prince will win? I am more optimistic about Ning’er’s chances!”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly patted his head and shouted, “That’s right, I was confused by my anger of that bastard.  Ning’er will not lose, definitely not!”

He clenched his fists and looked downwards.

“Respected emperor, this prince and your country’s princess have finished writing, we ask for your majesty’s fair judgement.”

Beneath the stands, Na Mu Cuo’s right hand was placed over his left chest and he gave a slight bow to Mo Chuan on the stands.

This time he properly spoke the West Chu language and did not have the translator translate for him.

Mo Chuan knew that this was their East Qin’s greatest respect, so he gave a slight nod.  In front of everyone’s eyes, he walked down the stand and walked in front of the two of them.

Although he was facing Na Mu Cuo, his eyes kept staring at her.

She half lowered her head and he could only see her black hair and beautiful white chin.  He could also see her two rows of dense and long lashes slightly trembling.

What’s wrong, why was she upset and flustered?  Was it because he was near? Or was it because she didn’t have confidence in winning?

Mo Chuan’s expression was calm as water, but his heart burned like intense flames.  He did not move his gaze from her face at all.

“Your majesty, this prince did not ask you to admire the beauty of your country’s princess.  Why does your majesty keep staring at the princess without turning?”

Na Mu Cuo looked at Mo Chuan with a ghost of a smile as he blurted this out without hesitation.

Chen Ning’s body slightly trembled.  She looked up and perfectly met gazes with Mo Chuan.

Her eyes were clear and bright with a bit of water sparkling in it.  Just a single glance was enough to make his heart beat fast and his breathing become rushed.

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