Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 659

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Chapter 659: Don’t forget the promise

The two of them were both ready to fight.  They were like pile of gunpowder that would explode with the slightest touch.

The eunuch and translator that were supposed to keep order had pale faces as they began to tremble.  They wanted to calm them down, but no one had the guts to do so.

“Chu Shao Yang, get off.  This competition was set between me and prince Na Mu, I want to have a fair contest with him.”

Chen Ning suddenly looked up.  Her clear and cold voice suddenly broke the tension between the two men.

“Ning’er, you are injured, you can’t ride a horse by yourself.”  Chu Shao Yang would not let go.

“It is my body, I know what I can do.  I don’t need your highness’ worry.” She cast a quick glance at him, “You sitting behind my will just make me uneasy, do you want me to lose?”

“I will make you uneasy?”  Chu Shao Yang’s eyes lit up, shining with a strange glow.

Could that mean…..that he finally had a place in her heart?

He dismounted without any hesitation.  Patting the date red horse’s head, he said with a smile, “You need to be obedient, you can’t let my Ning’er fall.”

The date red horse snorted at him.

Chen Ning ignored Chu Shao Yang.  She looked up at Na Mu Cuo.

Under the sunlight, Na Mu Cuo’s face looked even more proud, eye-catching, and full of spirit.  It was clear that he was certain of his victory.

“Prince Na Muo, I am ready.  How about you?”

Na Mu Cuo grinned at her, “Ah Ning, after this competition, you will have to call me Ah Cuo.  Don’t forget our promise!”

“As long as you can win, everything will be as you wish.”  Her expression did not change.

“Good!  Let’s begin immediately!”

Na Mu Cuo was already impatient to begin.

A bad premonition filled Chu Shao Yang’s heart.

“Ning’er, what agreement do you have with him?  You know him? You’ve seen him before? How do you know each other?  Ning’er, you…..”

Before he could finish, Na Mu Cuo rolled his eyes at him.

“This is an agreement between me and her, how is it related to you!  Scram for this prince!” He raised his horse whip and lashed out at Chu Shao Yang’s face.

He was angry whenever he looked at Chu Shao Yang’s handsome face.

Chu Shao Yang’s figure swayed as he dodged the whip and he said with a deep voice, “Your highness, do you want to fight?”

His hand went to his waist as he pulled out the Spirit Snake Sword.  The sword was like a dazzling stream that reflected the light of the sun.

The flames of battle were lit between the two of them again.

The eunuch and translator all thought this was bad.  The translator quickly sent an order to the eunuch with his eyes.

The eunuch understood.  He quickly raised the red flag in his hand and shouted, “One!  Two!  Three!  Begin!”

As soon as his voice fell, he forcefully swung the red flag in his hand.

At that moment, the date red horse under Chen Ning suddenly dashed off the moment the red flag fell.

Na Mu Cuo was stunned before urging his horse forward.

One black and one red horse charged forward, moving towards the stele under the stands.


The people in both stands stood up as they watched the two people on the back of the horses.

In terms of riding skills, Na Mu Cuo was several times better than Chen Ning.  It would be easy for him to catch up to her, but this time they weren’t competing in riding skills, but rather “reading steles on horseback”.

Although if he ran faster, he would be able to reach the stands first and have an extra look at the stele, he was not willing to take this advantage.  This was because he was confident that he would surely win.

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