Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 658

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Chapter 658: Only you are a match for me

“Un.”  She softly responded.

Mo Chuan’s heart sunk.

There must have been a change, there must have!

Her expression and tone had all changed, no longer being the her he was familiar with.

“Since it’s like this, King Ding Yuan, you can send her over.”  Mo Chuan softly said.

His face was calm, but no one knew that his heart had already split in two.

He stood in the high stands as he watched Chu Shao Yang carrying her over, bringing her step by step further away.  Her figure became smaller, but it was always clear in his eyes.

On the other side of the track, Na Mu Cuo and Chu Shao Bai already knew what happened.  They pulled off the blindfolds over their eyes and looked at her approaching figure without looking away.

Na Mu Cuo’s gaze looked over Chu Shao Yang’s face and he gave a disdainful snort.

These West Chu men all looked like women.  They were only handsome and their weak bodies couldn’t take a single fist from him.  He was confident that with a single move, he would be able to knock over her husband!

“Ah Ning, you’re finally here!  This prince always believe that you were the only match for me.  This brat from who knows where, he isn’t good enough!”

Na Mu Cuo smiled at Chen Ning, revealing his snow white teeth that sparkled under the sunlight.

Chen Ning only looked at him and said nothing, raising a single eyebrow.  She then looked at Chu Shao Bai.

“Xiao Bai, this is an agreement between me and him, it has to be done by me.  You….Thank you.” She said very simply.

The following words she did not say.  Thank you, you went all out to help me, but I wasted the imperial decree you worked so hard to obtain.

“Ning’er, I believe you will win.”  Chu Shao Bai’s eyes lit up as his voice filled with belief in her.

He turned his horse around and moved to the side.

Chu Shao Yang coldly said, “Shao Bai, you should call her third sister in law.  The words Ning’er, is that something you should say?”

He was full of jealousy, especially after hearing her call him “Xiao Bai”.  His hands could not help tightening around her waist.

When did she become so familiar with Shao Bai?  Why did he not know about this!

“Alright, third sister in law!”  Chu Shao Bai bitterly said these words.  He looked up at Chu Shao Yang, “Third brother, third sister in law knows how to ride a horse, does third brother need to keep carrying her like this?  Does third brother plan to carry her while she competes with the crown prince?”

“She is this king’s princess, so what if this king plans to hold her?  Others should not care about this!”

Chu Shao Yang’s words made Chu Shao Bai’s face turn red.

“You, let her go!”  Na Mu Cuo suddenly pointed at Chu Shao Yang, speaking in a low voice.

His voice was deep and heavy, just like the calm before a storm, but with traces of a storm already brewing in his voice.

Chu Shao Yang was a bit stunned.  He lifted his chin and looked at Na Mu Cuo, revealing a cold smile.

“The crown prince?  Greetings, greetings.”

“This prince does not like you touching her.  If you don’t dismount right now, this prince will shatter your head with a single punch!”

Na Mu Cuo raised his right hand and slowly formed a fist.  His bones made an audible crack as his eyes revealed a fierce look.

Chu Shao Yang’s rage soared as his brows tightly knit together.  He did not show any signs of weakness as he stared into Na Mu Cuo’s fierce eyes as his voice became even sharper than Na Mu Cuo’s.

“This king wants to see who will explode whose head!”

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