Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 660

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Chapter 660: Don’t lose too badly

So he maintained the speed of his horse and moved at the same pace as she did.  The black horse underneath him tightly ran beside her red horse.

He slightly turned his head and looked at her on the back of her horse.

Her hair was blown back by the wind and it fluttered in the air.  There were even a few strands that were blown into his face, bringing a ticklish feeling with it, making his heart feel tickled as well.

“Ah Ning, your riding skills aren’t that great, but your horse is a true thousand mile horse, it can even compare to my Black Clouds Covering the Snow.  I never thought that your West Chu would have this kind of good horse, where did you find it?”

He was a man that knew horses, he could tell the date red horse was not ordinary with a single glance and he couldn’t help praising it.

Chen Ning looked forward and ignored his words.

Na Mu Cuo was not angry and he liked her serious personality, it was just like him.

They both had prized horses and in the amount of time it took to say a single sentence, they had already gone fifty meters.  The horses were slowly approaching the stone stele and the words on the stele began to enter their eyes.

Na Mu Cuo’s smile disappeared as he looked at the ink words on the stone stele with Chen Ning.  They were controlling their horses while memorizing the words in their mind.

There were several hundred people on the field, but there was no sound at this moment.  There was only the sound of horses running across the field. “Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta”, one sound after the other were like hammers falling on everyone’s hearts.

The people on the West Chu stands all had their hearts in their throats.  All the ministers were filled with nervousness, they did not have any hope of victory for this competition.

Now they just wished they wouldn’t lose too badly.

There were even ministers already calculating how to obtain the yearly tribute after this competition was over.  This was double the amount of money!

“Ning’er, you have to win!  You must win!” The Eldest Princess raised her fists at the edge of the stand.  Her heart was cheering for Chen Ning and she unconsciously said it out loud.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help glaring at her, but the Eldest Princess ignored her.  Her eyes would not move from Chen Ning’s face and she was so nervous that she even forgot to breath.

Although Mo Chuan did not say a word as his calm face did not reveal any strange expressions at all.  However, a person watching carefully could find that his sleeves were slightly trembling and there were water stains slowly appearing on the back of his dragon robe.

The horses ran very quickly and in just a few breaths time, everyone saw two figures pass in front of them.  The two horses had already run past the stele and was in front of the stands, stopping at the same time.

According to the rules, after they passed the stone stele, no one was allowed to turn around and see the contents, so the two of them dismounted together.

There were two rectangular tables placed in front of them with writing utensils on top of it.  There was a pool of ink already prepared as well as two sheets of white paper.

Only on Na Mu Cuo’s table, there was not an ink brush, but rather a piece of black charcoal.

Ye Ting Xuan stood in front of the table and revealed a faint smile to Chen Ning.

Chen Ning found that his eyes contained a deep meaning.  She slightly looked down and found that his little finger was slightly tilted, indicating some kind of number.

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