Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 657

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Chapter 657: The largest joke in the world

As soon as Chu Shao Yang’s words fell, the entire stand was filled with gasps.

The ministers looked at each other with the same expression of disbelief pasted on their faces.

Although they did not say a word, they were all filled with disbelief.  Almost everyone thought, was King Ding Yuan so enamoured by his princess that he lost his mind?  He was letting a young girl who was less than twenty years old compete with the smartest person in the world, the East Qin Crown Prince?  He even insisted that she would win?

Isn’t this the greatest joke in the world?”

“Alright, this one agrees!”  Mo Chuan responded without the slightest bit of hesitation.


The emperor actually agreed?

The ministers’ eyes almost popped out.  They felt like today’s matters were becoming even more unbelievable.

Not only was King Ding Yuan going crazy, even the wise emperor was also going crazy.

“Empress Dowager, this…..Isn’t this too inappropriate?”

There were ministers that already could not help asking Empress Dowager Zhou for help.

Although Mo Chuan was the emperor, but his foundation was the Chu Family and he couldn’t make a decision by himself.  He couldn’t take the food and clothings of hundred of thousands of citizens as a bet.

“Emperor!  Come over here for this widow!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was already filled with anger, but she didn’t vent it on Mo Chuan because of the ministers.

Because she had already seen that since Chen Ning appeared on the field, her son’s eyes had not left the girl’s face at all!

Being obsessed to this point, how was he still like the country’s ruler!

What was even more ridiculous was that he allowed this girl to compete instead of Shao Bai.  Wasn’t this the biggest joke in the world?

Chu Shao Bai had been smart since he was young and had an unforgettable memory.  This was a matter concerning all of West Chu, how could this be left to a weak and delicate young girl?  Now to mention the fact that this girl was known for being an idiot in the capital!

“Mother, your son believes King Ding Yuan and his princess.  I ask mother not to say anything else, your son has already made his decision.”

Mo Chuan already knew what Empress Dowager Zhou wanted to say, but he did not want to hear a single word.

After saying this, he said to Chu Shao Yang, “King Ding Yuan, this one accepts your recommendation.  Ding Yuan Princess, go and prepare for the competition.”

He said this assertively.  His expression was determined, not accepting anyone’s objections.

“Emperor, this minister’s body is not well and can’t ride along.  This lowly minister wants to send her over.” Chu Shao Yang’s left hand held the reins while his right hand held Chen Ning’s waist, tightly holding on.

Him taking advantage of the situation made Mo Chuan’s eyes fill with flames.

“What, is the princess unwell?”  He did not look at Chu Shao Yang and just stared at her head of black hair.

His voice was very calm, but his hands inside his sleeves were tightly gripped, even slightly shaking his sleeves.

Why did she not look at him once?  Why was she obediently riding with Chu Shao Yang?  Why was she letting him hold her waist? Why was she not resisting?

Why!  Why!

His chest was filled with anger, but he could not vent it.  He wanted to ask out loud, but under everyone’s gaze, he could not say a single word.

Chen Ning kept her head down the entire time and did not look at Mo Chuan once because she did not dare look at him.

She was afraid that with one gaze, she would be unwilling.

The only thing she should do now was calm herself and think of nothing else, properly finishing this competition.

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  1. Luna says:

    You know.. She isn’t the brightest pea in the pod either. In that chocolate with hubby dear where she has to destroy the imperial decree herself, she could have sorta mentioned that if they lost the competition the East Qin Crown Prince would have taken her with or without hubby dear.

    So he could either being her to the competition, and let her divorce but still got a chance since she’d still be around (she could have promised instead to not marry again for some time to make him think he had a chance), or lose her forever to the same guys who took his father.

    Of course, he is such a psycho he might have killed her, or tried to take her away, but I wonder if she could not have convinced him this way.

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