Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 611

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Chapter 611: Dealing with smart people

After saying this, his brows suddenly jumped and he fiercely glared at her.  His eyes were filled with hostility.

“The words your highness says are truly strange.  I have never lied to you, nor have I ever played any tricks on you.”

Chen Ning’s face was filled with innocence.  He eyes were black and bright, being very leveled, “I already told your highness that I was married and had a husband, but your highness said you didn’t care.  You even said that you would even fight my husband in my duel before finally forcefully taking me away without asking me anything. Now you’re saying that I was deliberately approaching you, isn’t this wrongly accusing me?”

“You….You woman, you clearly had bad intentions towards this prince!”

Na Mu Cuo’s face turned red in front of her questioning and he raised his chin.

Chen Ning smile, which just made Na Mu Cuo feel even angrier.  He stared at her and felt that he had never seen through her from beginning to end.

When he met her the first time, he was attracted by her pure and fairy like beauty.  When her bright, black eyes looked at him, it was like he was hit in the chest by an arrow, sore and painful.

He could not forget her, so he spent many people to go to the lantern festival and look for beautiful young girls, hoping that he could find her.  As a result, he had seen her again in a sea of people.

This time he took her without any hesitation.

He thought that with his appearance, his singing, and his charm, he would surely win her heart and make her willingly give herself to him.

But he soon found that this girl was not only beautiful, she was also smart.  She had discovered his identity right away!

He thought that she would become one of his many woman who he would kill after he was bored of her.

But a beautiful and smart girl was not the same.  He was known as the smartest person in the world and loved to deal with smart people the most.

He began to develop an interest in her.  For a smart girl like her, it was not easy to move her.  It seemed like he needed to spend some thought on her.

He then saw two guardians beside this little flower whose martial arts were not beneath his, but he did not care.  For such a fragrant and beautiful flower, anyone would love her. However, being able to obtain her, that depended on one’s skill.

When she was taking a bath, he had already found out who she was.  He finally knew who the other side was and who her husband was!

“These words should be backwards.  It should be your highness with ill intentions, right?”  Chen Ning asked back.

“Humph, such a sharp mouth.  Look at what this is!” Na Mu Cuo took out a yellow scroll from his chest and waved it in front of her.

Chen Ning saw it and instantly understood.

It was the imperial edict Chu Shao Bai had asked for her!

She left in a hurry and did not have time to leave the imperial edict in her room, bringing it with her.  When she took a bath, those four female servants said that her clothes had been taken away and thrown out, but they were actually given to Na Mu Cuo.

This imperial edict had been in her clothes and had been found by him.  He was able to speak the West Chu language fluently, so of course he could also read it.

When he saw this imperial edict, he instantly became suspicious.

So he sent people to investigate and found her identity.

“What this is, has your highness never seen it before?  This is an imperial edict.” Chen Ning calmly stated.

“Do you think this prince doesn’t know what an imperial edict is?  Tell me, why does the emperor need to give this edict to you?” Na Mu Cuo said in a sharp voice.

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