Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 511

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Chapter 511: If you say no, I’ll stop

His eyes were closed and his face was pale.  His thin lips had no blood in them at all, as if he was silently sleeping.

She knew that he had fainted from suffocating.  Thinking of everything that he had done for her, she felt her heart stirring with agitation and she couldn’t just do nothing.

Holding his head, she quickly swam to the shore.  Once she came ashore, she immediately began to save him.

She had learned basic first aid techniques, so she knew Mo Chuan was fine.  As expected, after a few compressions, he began to react. He spat out the water in his stomach and gave a few strong coughs before slowly opening his eyes.

As those clear as autumn water eyes opened, she let out a low sigh.  Her eyes were red as she jumped into his arms, tightly hugging him.

“Mo Chuan, you….”  She wanted to speak, but her throat was blocked up and her tears began to flow.

She was really scared just now, truly scared.  She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to find him and afraid that he would not open his eyes.

Mo Chuan slowly raised his hand and hugged her.  His grip slowly became stronger, to the point that she couldn’t breathe.

Her entire body was wet and cold as ice.  He was the same, but his body was also warm and it was getting warmer, especially his chest.  It was like a burning flame that was also warming up her body and she stopped trembling.

He was in a trance, feeling like it had been a dream.

But dreams were not as real as this.

He could clearly feel the tears soaking his clothes and dripping down his chest.  Her body was very soft, but it was gently shaking. He raised his hand and touched her wet, black hair, touching her tear and water covered face, and then touching her tender and delicate chin.

“Ning’er, it’s good that you’re fine.”

He only whispered these few words before raising her face and gently kissing her lips.

Her lips were cold and soft, but the tears flowed down her cheeks, bringing a salty taste to his tongue.  His chest was filled with emotions, almost to the point of burning him.

In that dark river, he had thought that he had lost her, he had forever lost her.

He already did not want to live out of despair.

It was a good thing she was fine!

She was in his arms and he was tightly hugging her, gently kissing her.  This was not a dream!

She closed her eyes and almost lost consciousness in that moment.  The warmth on her lips woke her up and she thought in a trance that when she was drunk, she had been this close to him.

This familiar warmth filled her heart like waves one after the other.  It turned her from a person to a pool of warm water.

The river grass on the shore completely hid the two human figures.  In the darkness, there was only their breathing and their heartbeats.

Both of their clothes were soaked, but the two of them were becoming warmer.

His lips were already scalding and he was gradually losing control.  His burning hands touched her slender neck and slowly explored into her collar, touching her soft shoulders.  Her skin felt like cold jade, making his hands remain.

His breathing was becoming more flustered, his head began to sweat, and his heart raced.

“Quickly, say no!  I will stop!” It took him a lot of effort to leave her lips and straighten his body as he gasped this out.

She looked up to gently bite his ears.  A numb feeling quickly spread across his body, bringing him close to exploding.  

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