Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: Being together even in death

“Gudong, gudong.”

He suddenly drank several mouthfuls of cold lake water.  The ice cold feeling entered his mind and his mind that turned slow from anxiety suddenly woke up.

He quickly calmed himself down and used his internal strength to stop his breathing.  It was enough to remain in the water for a period of time, so he stopped panicking. He began to look around inside the water, looking for where she was.

But the night was as dark as ink and although there was the lanterns on the boat, the river water was still completely black, not being able to see in front of him.  Although his eyes were wide open, he couldn’t see anything at all.

He wanted to open his mouth and call her name, but opening his mouth caused the river water to flow in.  It discharged the breath he held as he began to drink in mouthful after mouthful of water.

His chest filled with pain from suffocating as his throat felt like it was being ripped apart.

He knew that if he didn’t surface soon, he would be dragged down by the water or he would suffocate to death.

But she was still in the river!

If he couldn’t find her, then he wouldn’t surface.

If she died, then what…..would he do!

He wouldn’t give up!  No matter what, he wouldn’t give up!

He had to save her!

In his desperation, his arms flailing in the water suddenly touched an ice cold thing and tightly grabbed it.

Was it her?  Could it be her hand?

His chest was filled with great joy.  Using the last of his strength, he pulled her towards himself, holding her in his chest.

Even if they die, he would die together with her.  He would not let go, he would never let go!

His lips curled into a faint smile as his eyes slowly closed and his consciousness faded away.

When Chen Ning fell into the water, she was hit with the cold lake water and most of her intoxication disappeared.

She drank two mouthfuls and then shook her head, preparing to swim to the surface.  But suddenly she heard a “putong” sound as something heavy fell into the water.

She was stunned for a second before finally reacting.

It was Mo Chuan!

Had he jumped into the water to save her?

The water was bone chillingly cold, but her heart was as warm as spring.  A trace of’ a smile appeared on the corners of her lips and she immediately swam in the direction of the splash.  Although she was good as swimming, the water was completely dark and she couldn’t see a thing. She could only swim along with one hand while moving around her other hand.

There was a current in the water and although the two of them fell in the same place, the current had taken her several meters away.  She swam around the water like a fish, but she could not find him.

She knew that the longer it took, the more danger he was in.  Her tears unknowingly began to flow out and blended with the lake’s water.

Mo Chuan, you have to be fine!  Nothing can happen to you!

If something happens to you, I…..I don’t want to live anymore!

Her heart was about to explode from anxiety, but her fingers suddenly touched something.  In the darkness, it was as if there was something guiding her, letting her swim right beside Mo Chuan.

In the next instant, she was tightly hugged by Mo Chuan.  The two of them shared a tight embrace inside the water.

Although she couldn’t see, she could tell that it was Mo Chuan!  It was him!

She was filled with joy, but as the sweet feeling rose in her heart, she suddenly realized this was bad!

The hands holding her began to lose strength as their bodies slowly sunk down.  She forcefully grabbed onto his arm and then starting kicking, swimming towards the surface of the water.

With a “bo” sound, two wet heads finally appeared on the surface of the water.

Chen Ning took in a long breath.  Then with the light reflected on the water, she looked at Mo Chuan.

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