Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 512

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Chapter 512: She was not wrong about him


She felt his body turn stiff and wanting to stand up, but she hooked her his neck and kept him from leaving as she whispered into his ears, “I’m willing.”

She had just experienced life and death, so she didn’t want him to leave.  She had felt that she had been too foolish in the past.

Since they loved each other, why did they care about any rules.  She should do the things she loved with the person she loved, boldly doing it, doing it as they pleased.

Otherwise, her life would be wasted!

Her hands moved down from his neck, down his firm back and falling onto his waist.  She could feel that his entire body was tense, as if he was holding himself back.

He was afraid…..of hurting her?

Actually, this matter did not matter about who hurt who.  As long as he loved her and she loved him, what couldn’t be done?

In the darkness, Mo Chuan couldn’t see her face or her clothes, but her whispers lingered in his ears, almost making him collapse.

Why did you not reject me?  Why did you accept? Why? Why!

He struggled with himself, struggling with his deep desires.

No, he definitely couldn’t!

But his hands went against his will, sliding down from her shoulder and falling onto her chest.

Her heart was beating in his palm.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng.

Truly beautiful.

It filled him with ecstasy.


Mo Chuan, if you keep going, wouldn’t you be making a big mistake?

A cold voice sounded in the back of his mind making his entire body tremble.

He suddenly stood up and moved away before jumping into the lake.

“Mo Chuan!”

Chen Ning was shocked and charged over to try and save him, but he came out of the river all wet.  The ice cold waters of the river had completely quenched the flames in his body.

Water was dripping down his entire body, making him look very awkward, not looking like the dignified ruler at all.  However, he did not mind this.

He grabbed onto her and revealed a faint smile.  He then gently hugged her while tenderly stroking her hair.

“Ning’er, we can’t do this right now.  I want to leave this moment for our bridal chamber.  I want to openly marry you and only have you as a wife in my life.  I believe that this day will definitely come. Do you believe so as well?”

His handsome face was hidden in the darkness, but his voice was like a gentle spring that stirred her heart.

Her eyes turned warm as tears almost dripped out.

“I do, I believe.  I believe that such a day will come.”  She buried her head into chest and tightly hugged his waist.

What emperor, what positions, she didn’t care about any of it!  The only thing she cared about was Mo Chuan!

He understood her, so he said that he wanted her to be his wife, instead of wanting her to be his empress!

In that moment, she felt that their hearts had never been this close before.

However, will that day truly come?

A faint pain filled her heart again.

Just now, she was serious about giving herself to him, but he had been a gentleman and respected her.  He did not want to hurt her at all. Even in this kind of situation, he used such a harsh method to hold himself back.

It was this restraint and respect that allowed her to feel the love that he felt for her.

In this life, she was never wrong about a person!

She softly laughed in his arms.  Her eyes let out tears while a smile bloomed like a flower on her face.

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  1. Eunieberry says:

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    Thanks for the chapter!!

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