Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: Becoming bolder

Her eyes looked around herself.  Under the stars, she was intoxicated by the view around her.  She did not notice at all that even though Mo Chuan was running, his eyes did not look away from her face at all.

This girl, what kind of idea does she have now?

Mo Chuan’s heart was racing.  Seeing her looking around and her lips curling into a smile, he suddenly had a very bad feeling.

He suddenly stopped and fell down into a quiet and empty alley.

Chen Ning blinked her eyes and felt this place was very familiar.

“Yi, it’s that wine shop!”  She pointed to a wine store in front of them, smelling the strong wine scent in the air.

“Un.”  He placed her down and held her hand, preparing to walk over.

She suddenly broke free and asked in a doubtful voice, “Why did you bring me here to drink wine?  You know I get drunk very easily, so are you having bad ideas? Are you thinking of getting me drunk and then doing something to me?”

Her sparkling eyes opened wide and stared right at him.

Mo Chuan was so angry that he wanted to poke her mute acupuncture point, not letting her speak anymore.

Why did this girl think he was this dirty!  Was he a person that would take advantage of others!

“Right!  It’s exactly as you think!  I want to get you drunk and then…..Humph, humph!”  He tightly held her wrist and pushed her into the corner, up to the point where her back was flat against the wall and she could not escape.

He had one hand against the wall while the other hand was raising her chin, deliberately revealing a fierce expression.

She revealed a smile.  Her eyes began to sparkle like starlight was flying into her eyes, making them glitter.

“I don’t need to drink and you don’t need to make me drunk because when I see you, I am already drunk.  Don’t you know, you are even more intoxicating than the finest wine in the world.” Her voice was becoming lowers.  The final words were whispers that almost could not be heard.

A “weng” sound rang in Mo Chuan’s ears.

He stared at her without even blinking, not daring to believe what she had just said.

His body felt very warm and light like he was flying.

Did she know that her words were truly the most intoxicating wine in the world?  He didn’t even need to drink and he was already drunk.

“However, I know a kind of wine that is even better than the wine here.  How about you take me to have a try?” She seemed like she was suddenly interested in something.  She swam out of his embrace like a fish and turned around to hold his hand.

“Oh?  What wine?”  His eyes sparkled, still not baring to leave her face.

As long as he was with her, even drinking water could seem like the best wine in the world.

“It’s the wine in the brothels.  I’ve heard that the most famous brothel in the capital, not only does it have the best wine, it also has the most beautiful women who know how to sing the best songs.  Let’s go drink some wine together, alright?”

She smiled as she spoke, her eyes not hiding her interest at all.

The brothel was a place she had to go after crossing over, she still had not seen it before.

She pulled him as she began to leave.

Yi, why isn’t he moving!

He was like a pine tree, firmly standing there, not moving an inch.

“What?”  She looked at him with a puzzled gaze, “Do you not want to drink wine?”

His face was as black as a point and his eyes were filled with anger.  Where did this girl hear this kind of nonsense? She wanted to pull him, the emperor into a brothel to drink wine!

She was becoming more and more bold!

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