Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 504

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Chapter 504: Drink wine and listen to songs

Chen Ning shrunk back from his cold gaze and couldn’t help taking a step back.

Yi?  He seems to be angry.

He really was a moody person.  She didn’t say anything wrong, so why did he have to stare at her in such a fierce manner?

“Eh.  Then if you don’t want to go to the brothel, we can go drink wine in another place.”

She looked away and said with a giggle as she pointed at the wine shop in front of them, “If you like drinking there, then we can go there.”

“Do you like listening to songs while drinking?”  He suddenly spoke. His voice was low, but it had no anger.

“Yes.”  She unconsciously nodded.

“Alright, then I’ll bring you to a place that has wine and music!”  After saying this, he tightly held her waist as he used his qinggong, disappearing in a direction.

She couldn’t help following him into the sky.

“Ah?  You’re really taking me to a brothel?”  She felt surprised and felt this was strange.  Her heart had a touch of bitterness in it.

She thought that he had been pure, but she never thought that he was an old customer in the brothels!

She bit her lips and suddenly wanted to forcefully bite his ears.

Going to a brothel!

Where did this girl here this term!

[TL Note: Chen Ning has been using a slang in this chapter that also means going to the brothels.]

Mo Chuan’s lips curled up.  He unconsciously tightened his grip around her waist, making it so she couldn’t make a sound.

He stopped at a riverbank.  Holding her, he jumped onto a black sailed boat before suddenly kicking out, knocking the boatman onto the shore.

The boatman was about to curse, but suddenly a white thing fell down into his arms.  He looked down at it and found that it was fifty golden ingots, immediately breaking out into a smile.

“Wait here for me, I’ll go get the wine.”  Mo Chuan carefully placed her down in the boat and then flew off.  When he came back, he had two jugs of wine in his hands, each one weighing around ten pounds.

He dragged out a wooden table and placed it on the bow.  He poured out two cups of wine and sat down with her on the boat.  He did not man the oars and just let the boat gently drift across the water.

A beautiful boat was drifting across the river with red lanterns covering it, creating a dim light that was reflected on the water.  The waves rippled, creating a charming and dim river scenery that was intoxicating.

Chen Ning couldn’t help being stunned while looking at this.

“Let’s drink.”  He handed her a cup of wine that was rouge red.  It was beautiful and fragrant. It was the unnamed wine they had drank before in that wine shop.

She took the wine cup and revealed a smile, but she did not drink and deliberately said, “You said you were bringing me to drink and listen to music, but there is only  wine and no music. I won’t drink unless you sing for me!”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help looking at her.  He knew she would tease him, so he had already made his preparations.

With a clap, another boat appeared beside the black sailed boat.  There were two young singer girls that walked out with one holding a pipa, saluting the two of them.

“What songs do the two customers wish to listen to?”  One the the singer girls asked with a smile.

Mo Chuan did not reply and looked at Chen Ning.

“I……”  She was stunned for a moment.  She had never heard songs before, so how could she name one.  She just casually said, “You can play what you want, as long as it sounds good.  This young master will reward you.”

After saying this, she smiled at Mo Chuan.

Under the red light, Mo Chuan’s face could be described as an ink painting on the water.  Contrasting against the water, clearly showing itself amongst the waves.

With just a single glance, she felt her heart beat faster and she looked down.

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