Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 502

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Chapter 502: Not allowed to say no

Neither of them spoke a word as the tightly hugged each other.  Their hearts beat in their chest and they never felt as close as they were this moment.


A heavy sound came in as something outside the window fell down, followed by a painful cry, “Aiyo!”

This voice was very familiar.

Mo Chuan’s expression suddenly changed.  One hand held Chen Ning’s waist, tightly holding her while the other hand opened the window.  When the window was opened, his brows suddenly raised.

“An Le, what are you doing here?”  He coldly said.

Eldest Princess An Le held a leg as she hopped in the yard on her other leg.  She was jumping while cursing.

“Aiyo, numb, my leg is numb!  Royal brother, if you’re gonna kiss, do it earlier.  Stalling for so long without kissing, this princess’ leg has already gone numb from squatting!”

Mo Chuan and Chen Ning finally noticed that there had been an extra hole made on the paper of the window.  Everything that they had just said and done had all been secretly heard and seen by the Eldest Princess.

Chen Ning’s face instantly turned as red as a piece of red cloth.  She instantly moved out of Mo Chuan’s embrace, moving away from him.

This Eldest Princess.  She was the respected princess and she actually learned to eavesdrop on others!

Mo Chuan’s face also couldn’t help turning red as his two handsome brows knit together.  He angrily glared at the Eldest Princess, with eyes so aggressive that they could kill.

The Eldest Princess suddenly gave a shiver as she realized that she touched the butt of an old tiger she couldn’t touch.

Aiyaya, run first!

She gave an awkward smile to Chen Ning and Mo Chuan and without caring about her numb legs, she quickly ran off.

“Royal brother, Ning’er, you can continue!  This princess will not secretly watch you…..”

Before she finished, she had already disappeared without a trace.

“Humph!”  Mo Chuan stared in the direction the Eldest Princess disappeared in, giving an angry and embarrassed snort.  His eyes were also filled with anger.

He had just had the taste of the sweet honey, but the atmosphere was disrupted by the Eldest Princess.  Now he did not know how to continue!

If it ended like this, he was not willing.

“Ning’er, are you thirsty?”  He suddenly asked.

Chen Ning was currently entirely filled with embarrassment.  She was stunned when she heard this and she looked up, “Thirsty?”

She felt her dry throat and hot cheeks, unconsciously nodding.

“Come, let’s go drink some wine!”

Without saying anything else, he picked her up and jumped out the window.  Gently landing on the roof, he began to use his qinggong.

Chen Ning felt the wind blow past her ears and the scenery pass by her.  She looked at him with a somewhat confused gaze, not being able to react.

“Mo Chuan, there is tea in the room.  If you’re thirsty, then we can drink some tea.”

She was tightly holding onto his neck because he was running too fast and she was afraid of accidentally falling out of his arms.  This sentence was almost spoken right beside his ear.

Her breath tickled his ears, making him stagger, almost falling into the house below them.

“You’re not allowed to talk or say no!”  He gritted his teeth and hugged her tighter as he moved faster.

He ordered her out of habit.

She curled her lips.  Humph, he really was suited to being the emperor, giving out orders by habit.  The current cold faced him was not cute at all.

It was still his nervous and embarrassed look that was interesting.

She curled her lips.  She thought about when she tiptoed to kiss him, his body was completely frozen and his handsome, jade like face turned completely red.  Ya, he is shy.

Next time, how should she tease him?

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