Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: Ruin everything

Holding her hand and speaking in a voice that didn’t mind anything, “Ning’er, tell this princess, why did you suddenly faint?  Did you deliberately faint because you didn’t want to see him?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose.  I suddenly felt my heart panic and I couldn’t breathe, then I didn’t know what was happening.”

Chen Ning looked into the Eldest Princess’ eyes, speaking in a serious voice with calm eyes.

She did not lie.  Before she had fainted, a sudden pain in her heart had made taken away her breath and had made her sudden lose consciousness.

It was really strange.

She lifted her hand to her heart and felt that her fast heartbeat had returned to normal and her breathing had also calmed down.

Not long after Chu Shao Yang finished feeding her, she had already woke up.

She wanted to open her heart immediately, but once she heard Chu Shao Yang’s voice, she did not want to wake up and continued to keep her eyes closed.

She did not want to see him and did not want to hear his voice.  As long as he spoke those passionate words and looked at her with those passionate eyes, her heart would strangely be moved and she would find it hard to breathe.

The Eldest Princess nodded and patted the back of her hand as she said, “Ning’er, if you don’t want to see him, this princess can give an order to not let him enter the palace.  You can just live in this palace forever. However, I feel that Chu Shao Yang is truly sincere towards you. Perhaps he has done some things wrong, but can you really not forgive him?

Forgive him?  How could she forgive him?

Chen Ning bit her lips.  She had been moved by him before and had forgiven him for everything he did, but then he treated her even more roughly.

He kept talking about love, but to possess and claim her, he did not give her any respect at all!

If this was his, Chu Shao Yang’s love, she couldn’t afford it and didn’t want it.

“Alright, you don’t need to say anything, this princess understands.  I’ll give the order and will not let him take even half a step into my princess’ palace!”

The Eldest Princess could guess her thoughts with a single glance.  She felt sorry for Chu Shao Yang, but she also felt worried for Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang’s love was strong, but his hate was just as strong.  If he knew that the thing he chased after could not be his, he might just ruin her!

It seemed like she needed to deploy more people to watch over Chen Ning, not letting Chu Shao Yang gain any advantage over her.

But Chu Shao Yang’s martial arts was very good and if she compared the guards in her palace to Chu Shao Yang’s, there was no difference.  If Chu Shao Yang really came, she would not be able to stop him..

Thinking about it, she only had one method!

She would have her royal brother send soldiers!

This matter originally was caused by him, so naturally it would fall on him to solve it!

The Eldest Princess wrote a letter and sent someone to immediately deliver it to the palace.

Then she stayed with Chen Ning.  The two of them talked and it became late without them knowing about it.

“Yi, where’s Xiao Ru?”  Chen Ning suddenly realized that Xiao Ru wasn’t by her side.

“Your little maid?”  The Eldest Princess thought about it and said, “That’s right, she was pulled out into the yard by the little eunuch by my royal brother’s side named Xiao Si.  Thinking about it, it’s been a while, but why aren’t they back yet?”

“Xiao Si?”

Chen Ning’s heart skipped a beat.

It really was whatever was feared naturally came.  She never had thought about how to explain the matter of Xiao Si to Xiao Ru, but she never thought that Xiao Si would appear here.

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  1. Luna says:

    I’m starting to think that faking not her sleep, but her death might be the only way out from that damn yandere.
    Or finishing him off..

    Anyway, this does not bode well.

    Another interesting option would to somehow give the body back to the original owner, and then find another body to settle in. One that’s not festered with feelings for that… that… psycho.

  2. LOSTthoughts says:

    I really can’t stomach this arrogant guy! CSY she saved you from drowning not once but twice. Then you repay her by kicking her into a pond and half drowning her in her own bathtub. A woman’s bathtub is her sanctuary! Plus ALLLL the other stuff you did to her. Humph your sweet words are a bitter poison to the ears.

  3. Dermam says:

    Ah so the doctor knew she was faking it lol

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