Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 495

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Chapter 495: Why did no one believe him

It was not strange for him to examine the Empress Dowager and the emperor.  Not to mention the Ding Yuan Princess being sick, even if King Ding Yuan was sick, he did not need to personally come.

But being held by the neck and threatened by King Ding Yuan was a great insult to him.  He was not scared of Chu Shao Yang at all.

When Chu Shao Yang heard this, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth and angrily glaring at him, “This old piece of garbage, what did you say!”

The old doctor did not even look at him and cupped his hands to the Eldest Princess before saying, “Eldest Princess, this old man will return to the palace and report to the Empress Dowager, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“Someone come and send doctor Zhang out.”

The Eldest Princess was very respectful to this old doctor, sending someone to respectfully send the old doctor to the cart returning to the palace.

Turning around, she coldly looked at Chu Shao Yang, “Shao Yang, you heard what the doctor said and this princess does not want to repeat it.  If you really want what’s best for Ning’er, then leave this place first. When Ning’er has recovered, you can come back to see her. Someone send this guest out!”

Although the scene of Chu Shao Yang feeding Chen Ning medicine had moved her, thinking of what the old doctor said, she could only steel her heart and send Chu Shao Yang away.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned red and his handsome face filled with anger.  However, he suppressed it and said in a calm voice, “Royal aunt, you believe that old piece of garbage’s words?  He was clearly sent by the emperor. This king does not believe a single word from him.”

“This princess trusts doctor Zhang’s character, he is not a person who would give false diagnosis because he received benefits.  This princess believe his words and Ning’er might not want to see you for now. If you really want the best for her, why are you so anxious?  There is time in the future, you should know what these words mean.”

The Eldest Princess honestly advised him.

Chu Shao Yang was silently thinking as he looked at the unconscious Chen Ning.  Being silent like that, she seemed like she was sleeping, like she was made of snow, stirring people’s hearts.

His heart felt tight as a sense of soreness filled his heart, creating an indescribable pain.

He really just wanted to take care of her, why did not one believe him!  Even his royal aunt that loved him the most did not believe him!


Her persistent refusal to wake up, could it really be because of him?

She didn’t want to see him?


He clearly saw what he wanted to see in her eyes.

“Alright, royal aunt, I’ll leave.  I’ll trouble you to take good care of her.  Tell her later that this king will come back tomorrow to see her.”

He took one last deep look at her before turning around to leave without looking back once.

The moment he turned around, the Eldest Princess found that Chen Ning’s long lashes fluttered like butterfly wings, slightly trembling.

Could it be…..She had already woken up?

She did not say a thing as she sat down by the bed, quietly looking at Chen Ning who seemed like she was sleeping.

Until Chu Shao Yang’s footsteps could not be heard anymore, she finally gave a gentle sigh.

“You can all leave.”  She waved her hand and all the maids in the room left.

The room was silent with only her and Chen Ning left.  Only the sound of their breathing could be heard.

“He’s already gone.  Ning’er, you can wake up.”  She said in a warm voice.

Chen Ning’s eyebrows slowly rose.  Her eyes seemed like it held some confusion, like water with ripples.

She slowly sat up and looked at the Eldest Princess with an apologetic gaze, “I’ve worried the Eldest Princess.”

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