Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 497

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Chapter 497: Young boy and girl

She rose out of bed and quickly ran out the door.

“Ning’er, slow down.  You just woke up, you…..”

The Eldest Princess followed her as she watched Chen Ning suddenly stand up and look towards the yard.

She followed Chen Ning’s gaze and saw the stone staircase in the corner where a young man and young girl were sitting side by side.

The young man had a handsome white face and round eyes.  He was currently talking about something in an enraptured manner, while being in high spirits.

The young girl beside him had her chins in her hands, not turning away as she looked at the young man with surprise and praise on her face.

It was unknown what joke Xiao Si told after, but Xiao Ru began to giggle.  Her eyes turned into crescent moons and Xiao Si’s eyes also curved, both of them laughing together.

While the two of them were innocently laughing, an atmosphere of youth was released.

Chen Ning let out a gentle breath and her lips curled into a faint smile.

Seeing the smiling faces of the two youths, her mood became even better.  It completely drove away the haze Chu Shao Yang left in her heart.

It had already been a while since she saw this carefree smile on Xiao Ru’s face.  If Xiao Si could make her laugh happily, then it was fine.

She slowly turned around with a faint smile, not going over to disrupt them.

Turning around, she saw the Eldest Princess with the same touched face.

The two of them looked at each other’s smile.

“Ning’er, it seems like your little maid and Xiao Si have hit it off.  Have they met before?”

Returning to the room, the Eldest Princess could not hold back her curiosity, asking this question that had no intentions behind it at all.

What she really wanted to ask was, “Have you met my royal brother before?”

Only, she was embarrassed to ask this.

She was a straightforward person, but that did not mean she was a confused person.  She already vaguely suspected that the relation between Chen ning and the emperor was not as simple as it seemed.

Chen Ning was very smart, understanding that the Eldest Princess had already guessed a bit from what she said.

She thought for a bit and then knelt down to the Eldest Princess, “Eldest Princess, you have saved me many times.  I don’t want to hide this from you, but I never told you about this matter because I never knew that Mo Chuan was the emperor.”

“Yi?  Was your meeting with my royal brother in the study not your first time meeting?  Does that mean you met before then?”

The Eldest Princess was very surprised.  She grabbed Chen Ning and pulled her down onto the couch, looking at her with eyes filled with interest.

“Good little sister, tell me exactly what this is about.  How do you two know each other? This story must be very interesting!”  She was enraptured and very excited.

She never thought the Eldest Princess would be this interested about the matter between her and Mo Chuan.  She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It seemed like gossip was in human nature.  Men and women all loved it, even the proud princess was not an exception.

But this matter, how could it be clearly explained?

Especially the current situation was very messy.  It was a chaotic circle that she could not find the exit to.

Although the Eldest Princess was good and wholeheartedly protected her, could she shelter her for her entire life?

Not to mention depending on others was not a permanent solution.  She had to depend on herself to break free of the shackles placed on her by destiny!

“Eldest Princess, it is not a story, it is just an accident….”

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