Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: Not wanting to see him

He was Chen Ning’s legal husband, so it was a natural thing for him to stay here.  No one could find a fault with him and not to mention the fact that what he did surpassed everyone’s expectations.

No one expected the aloof King Ding Yuan to personally feed medicine to his princess!

In this era, women were inferior to men.  Men were the heavens while women were the earth.  Men could have three wifes and four concubines, but women could only have a single husband.  They had to do everything to please their husband, caring about everything, being gentle and considerate.

But like this, they could not escape the fate of becoming old in the end.

For someone like Chu Shao Yang with a high political position to vow to only take a single person as his wife, this could be considered unique in the West Chu Country.

It was also because of this that the Eldest Princess was moved.

Even she could not guarantee the feelings Ye Ting Xuan felt for her would remain the same and never change.

“Doctor Zhang, she has already drunk the medicine, why is she still not waking up!”

The Eldest Princess waited a while and finally couldn’t help shouting at the old doctor.

The old doctor trembled and the quickly said, “Please calm yourself Eldest Princess.  Wait until this old man takes the Princess Consort’s pulse again.”

He walked beside the bed, but he saw Chu Shao Yang occupying the space beside the bed without moving.  He could only awkwardly look at the Eldest Princess.

“Shao Yang, move aside for a bit.  Let doctor Zhang take Ning’er’s pulse.”

The Eldest Princess’ tone became gentler towards Chu Shao Yang, no longer angrily chasing him away.

Chu Shao Yang nodded and stood beside the Eldest Princess.  His eyes continued to stare at Chen Ning, not looking at anyone else.

Seeing him like this, the Eldest Princess gave another sigh in her heart.  She silently looked aside, looking at the old doctor.

The old doctor moved around and after taking her pulse on both wrists, he closed his eyes and silently stood up.

“Strange, strange.”  He muttered.

“What is strange?  Didn’t you say that Ning’er would wake up soon after ingesting the medicine?  Did something happen again? Was there a problem with your medicine?” Chu Shao Yang looked at him with a puzzled gaze.

“Wrong, wrong.”  The old doctor looked at Chu Shao Yang and shook his head.

Chu Shao Yang was very impatient and went forward to grab the old doctor’s collar, “What’s wrong?”

The old doctor gave a few coughs, but his eyes stared at Chu Shao Yang.

“Ke, ke, your highness, let go!  You’re going to strangle this old man!  Ke, ke, ke, the Princess Consort is not waking up because your highness is still here!  Ke, ke, ke!”

“If you have the courage, say it again!”

Chu Shao Yang flew into a rage hearing this.

“Shao Yang, let go of doctor Zhang.  If you continue being rude to doctor Zhang, this princess will not be polite with you!  This is this princess’ palace, not the King Ding Yuan palace where you have power!”

The Eldest Princess angrily scolded him while moving forward and rescuing the old doctor from Chu Shao Yang’s hands.

“Doctor Zhang, this stinky brat has been rude, please ignore him.  Please tell this princess, why does the Princess Consort not wake up.”  She looked at the old doctor.

The old doctor gasped a few times before angrily glaring at Chu Shao Yang and indignantly saying, “This old man has said before that the Princess Consort does not want to see this person, so she is unwilling to wake up.  As long as the person she does not want to see leaves, it won’t be long before the Princess Consort awakens.”

He was over seventy and had been a doctor for over forty years, possessing superb skills.  He could be considered the number one doctor in the royal palace, winning the trust of Empress Dowager Zhou and the emperor.

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