Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: The most qualified person was him

However, he had a very good impression of this forward and mindless little girl.  He just did not imagine they would meet like this, especially in this situation where others were calling him a dog.

“Yi, Xiao Si, why are you wearing the clothes of a eunuch?  Where is you master? Where is lots of money? Oh, no, he is not lots of money, he is Hei…..”

Xiao Ru did not even finish before Xiao Si suddenly moved forward, blocking her chattering mouth.

“Miss Xiao Ru, we should go outside to talk and not disturb the Princess Consort, right?”

Xiao Si pulled her out the door, but Xiao Ru spat out a few words, “Wu, no…..I want to take care of the young miss…..”

“With the Eldest Princess here taking care of her, nothing will happen to your young miss.  Not to mention that doctor said she would wake up in a while. Be good and let’s go out to talk.”

Xiao Si half coaxed and half pulled Xiao Ru out.

His heart almost jumped out of his mouth.  Xiao Ru’s big mouth, she almost revealed the fact that his master went to the king’s palace to act as a bodyguard.  If Chu Shao Yang knew this, where would the emperor’s face go!

Although he pulled Xiao Ru away in time, Chu Shao Yang’s face still sunk and his brows still knit.

He was wondering what Xiao Ru’s unfinished sentence meant.  What lots of money?

Could it be…..

He couldn’t help turning and looking outside as his brows knit even tighter.

The Eldest Princess was also suspicious, but she didn’t want to think about it.  She saw a maid bring in the boiled medicine and she quickly picked it up before saying, “This princess will feed it to her.”

But she had been pampered, she had never had to care for anyone before.  The bowl of medicine was hot and her hand trembled, almost spilling it.

“Be careful!”

Chu Shao Yang’s hand quickly reached out, catching the bowl.  There was a bit of hot medicine that spilled onto the back of his hand which quickly turned red, but he did not feel the pain at all, firmly holding onto the bowl.

“I should feed her instead.”

He took a small silver spoon from the maid and scooped up a small spoonful.  He slowly blew it and tested the temperature with his lips before carefully placing it to Chen Ning’s lips, slowly feeding it to her.

Spoonful after spoonful.  Each time, he carefully blew on it before feeding it too her.  This gentle appearance that he had surprised everyone that saw it.

Including the Eldest Princess.

The maids all looked at the unconscious Chen Ning with eyes filled with jealousy, all feeling envious of her good fortune.

There was an indescribable taste in the Eldest Princess’ heart.

She opened her lips and felt her eyes become astringent.  She looked away and gave a silent sigh.

If a man was willing to do this for a woman, then it meant he had extreme love for her.

Ning’er, ah Ning’er, you really are blessed, having a man that loves you this much!  But you are also so unfortunate to be loved by this kind of man!

She was Chu Shao Yang’s blood related aunt, she knew what kind of personality her nephew had.

If he wanted something, he would spare no expenses in obtaining it!

But if he didn’t get it, the result was……

The Eldest Princess gave a shiver, not being able to imagine what would happen!

After Chu Shao Yang finished feeding her, he took out a white square handkerchief and wiped the corners of her lips.  Then he quietly sat there, waiting for her to wake up.

The Eldest Princess could not scold him nor could she chase him out.

Because the person most qualified to be here was him.

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