Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 492

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Chapter 492: No need for the care of others

Since she couldn’t take a strong stimulation, he would learn to treat her gently.  He wanted to take the figure of the man in her heart and uproot it, not leaving a single trace!

“Ning’er, when you wake up, this king will no longer speak to you in a loud voice nor will I scare you.  When I said that I’ll dig out my heart for you, you must have been scared and anxious, right? That’s why you couldn’t help fainting, right?”

Chu Shao Yang had a gentle smile as he sat down beside the bed.  He lifted her hand and placed it onto his chest, letting her feel his strong heartbeat.

Although she was unconscious and could not hear what he was saying, his voice was as gentle as a slowly flowing stream.

The Eldest Princess couldn’t help shaking as goosebumps formed all over her, looking at Chu Shao Yang like she was looking at a stranger.

How was this the cold King Ding Yuan that she knew!

His words really made people feel numb all over, but what girl didn’t love hearing this!

“When you saw the severed finger I sent into the palace, you must have been terrified right?  Truthfully, this king did not chop off that girl’s finger. She is your maid, your person, this king will not hurt her.  I was just trying to scare you into coming back to this king’s side. If someone didn’t recklessly take you away, you wouldn’t have become like this.”

After he said this, he looked up and glared at the Eldest Princess.

The Eldest Princess said with a cold face, “The doctor said that Ning’er cannot be agitated.  Chu Shao Yang, you should leave quickly, otherwise Ning’er will faint again if she sees you.”

“Humph, does royal aunt believe that doctor’s nonsense?  Ning’er loves me, did you not see how excited she was just now?  When she wakes up, the first person she wants to see is me!” Chu Shao Yang confidently held her hand.

He did not wait for Eldest Princess to speak before looking at that little eunuch that did not say a word while looking down, holding the medicine box the entire time.  He coldly said, “Xiao Si, you think that if you look down, this king will not recognize you? Go back and tell your master, this king’s woman does not need the care of others!  He should worry about his own matters!”

That little eunuch trembled and slowly looked up, revealing a handsome face, as well as a pair of dark and clear eyes.

He said in a calm manner to Chu Shao Yang, “This servant only listens to the emperor’s orders.  I ask your highness to personally say this to the emperor.”

Chu Shao Yang gavea a snort, “This king will naturally tell this to the emperor, this king was just flattering you.  You are nothing more than your master’s dog, only knowing how to bark, not knowing how to speak the human language.”

Xiao Si’s face turned red and he hung his head in shame.  His heart was filled with hate, but he could only secretly grind his teeth.

It was because the other side’s status was much higher than his own.  Even if he was the emperor’s person, he was only a little eunuch. He was nothing more than a dog like servant in the eyes of others.

What qualifications did he have to challenge the eminent king?

“Xiao Si?  You are Xiao Si?”

Xiao Ru pointed at him and shouted.  Her black and bright eyes suddenly opened wide as her round face filled with surprise.

Xiao Si looked up.  The embarrassed colour had not disappeared, but he force out a smile for her.  It was a very embarrassed smile, but he did not say a single word.

He had long recognized Xiao Ru, but he did not know what he should say to her.  It had been a long time since they met last time.

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