Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 487

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Chapter 487: Requested by a loved one

He walked forward, stopping three feet away from Chen Ning.  His eyes were burning as he passionately stared at Chen Ning.

There was no young girl that could resist being moved by his intoxicating gaze.

Even Xiao Ru who bared her teeth in hate, when she saw his eyes, the curses she wanted to say to him was unknowingly suppressed down by her.

However, Chen Ning did not even spare a glance for Chu Shao Yang.  She slowly walked into the hall and bent down towards the Eldest Princess.

“Eldest Princess, Ning’er has caused you quite a bit of trouble.  Your care for Ning’er, Ning’er is filled with gratitude and will always remember it in my heart.”

“Ning’er stand up.  You don’t need to be this polite with this princess.”  The Eldest Princess pulled her up. Her brows slightly knit as she spoke in a voice of complaint, “Why did you come out?  It’s this princess’ fault for not sending someone to tell you that this bastard was here.”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes had been following Chen Ning the entire time, not willing to look away from her.  Although she did not even spare him a single glance, he did not feel any anger.

When he saw her, he thought about what happened in the cart.  When he had knocked her out and tried to force himself on her.  For a fierce girl like this, how could her hate for him not fill her bones?

The colder she was and the more she ignored him, the more he loved her.

He was not angry with her, but that did not mean he was not angry with the Eldest Princess.

“Royal aunt, didn’t you just say that Ning’er was not here?”  He straightened his back and coldly looked at the Eldest Princess.

The Eldest Princess’ face revealed a faint blush.  Then her eyes looked over and she said in an irrational manner, “This princess missed Ning’er, so I invited Ning’er to this princess’ palace for a few days.  What’s wrong? Do you have any objections?”

“He, he, royal aunt’s manner is quite strange.  If you missed Ning’er, then you could have openly visited your nephew’s palace, you didn’t need to kidnap someone on the road.  Royal aunt, this kind of behaviour doesn’t fit your Eldest Princess status, right?” Chu Shao Yang coldly taunted.

“This princess will invite a guest however she wants, do I need you to teach me?  This princess is telling you now, this princess liks Ning’er and wants her to stay here for a few days, but this princess does not welcome you, so you may leave.  After a few days, this princess will have someone send Ning’er back.”

The Eldest Princess was not polite to Chu Shao Yang at all, directly sending him out.

Chen Ning couldn’t secretly finding this strange.

During the spring banquet, after Chu Shao Yang had knelt down, the Eldest Princess’ attitude towards Chu Shao Yang had changed.  She had turned Chen Ning into the one that belonged to Chu Shao Yang and worked hard to get them back together.

In just a few short days, the Eldest Princess seemed like she turned into a different person.  She was very cold and angry at Chu Shao Yang, wholeheartedly supporting her instead.

Did the Eldest Princess know about what happened in the cart?

It must be like this.  The Eldest Princess was clear on hate and love, so she had to know about what Chu Shao Yang tried to do, filling her with hate and disgust for him.

But this matter was very secret and only a few people other than her knew, so how did the Eldest Princess find out?

Chen Ning’s mind was filled with doubt and then she suddenly thought of something the Eldest Princess said last night.

She had been asked by a loved one.

Whose loved one?

Could it be…..Mo Chuan?

Her heart suddenly skipped a beat, but she shook her head.  It couldn’t be Mo Chuan because Mo Chuan did not even know that she made this sudden decision.

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