Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: Definitely will not let go

Chu Shao Yang pretended like he didn’t hear the Eldest Princess.  He had a faint smile on his face as he looked at Chen Ning, “Ning’er, do you like living here?  If you like it, then stay here for a few more days.”


His words surprised both the Eldest Princess and Chen Ning.

The Eldest Princess did not have time to respond before hearing Chu Shao Yang say, “You can live here however long you want to stay, as long as you’re happy.  While you’re living here, this king will come be with you every day. Whatever you want to do, this king will do it with you.”

His eyes filled with love made a chill run down Chen Ning’s spine.  She didn’t turn her head over and didn’t look at him at all.

The Eldest Princess’ expression changed and she angrily said, “Stinky brat, do you even understand what this princess said?  This princess does not welcome you! Scram from this princess’ place right now!”

Chu Shao Yang gave a light laugh before saying, “Royal aunt, your nephew hasn’t competed in martial arts with you in awhile.  How about royal aunt exchange a few pointers with your nephew today?”

He was smiling the whole time.  It was as if the angrier the Eldest Princess was, the better his mood was.

“Stinky brat, this princess wants to beat you when I see you!  Alright, this princess will teach you a good lesson today.”

The Eldest Princess was filled with rage as she stared at Chu Shao Yang and shouted, “Go, we’re going to the practice field!”

“Alright!”  Chu Shao Yang waved his right hand, taking off his jade belt.  He also took off his outer robe, revealing a set of purple clothes.

His long brows raised and his phoenix eyes looked at Chen Ning.  The smile on his lips was like a spring breeze.

“Ning’er, have a guess.  Who will win between royal aunt and this king?”

Chen Ning really wanted to slap the smile on his face.

After doing that kind of thing, he could still smile at her like a spring flower like nothing was wrong.  He could still talk to her like normal and even whisper to her like this. What kind of man was he!

“Chu Shao Yang, no matter what you say or do, I will definitely separate from you!  I will also never return to the King Ding Yuan palace. Say it, what will make you agree to the separation?”

She did not like going in circles with him and did not want to face his knife hidden behind a smile face anymore.

Her eyes contained a trace of anger.

“Separation?  Why would this king separate from you?”  Chu Shao Yang’s smile did not change, but his heart ached like an invisible hand was twisting it.

He took a glance at her, looking at her snow white skin and sparkling eyes.  What he loved the most about her were those eyes. From the first moment he saw those eyes, he could never forget about them.

Want him to give up?  That was impossible!

She clearly liked him since she was the one that insisted on marrying him.  Although he recognized the wrong person and made her feel sad and hurt, she had always been in his heart.

It was impossible for her heart to change this easily!

“Ning’er, this king has done many things in the past to hurt you, but that was all because of that cheap woman Chen Bi Yun and her nanny!  This king has already kneeled to you in public and you have already said that you have forgiven me, so why do you still want to separate from this king?  This king is wholeheartedly devoted to you. I just want to be good to you, I’ve never wanted to hurt you. If you’re ever worried this king will ever be unfaithful, this king is willing to swear in front of royal aunt that from this day forth, I, Chu Shao Yang will never marry anyone else!  If I ever marry anyone else, then I, Chu Shao Yang will be forever doomed!”

He raised his right hand and revealed a serious expression that did not have a trace of a smile.

“Shao Yang!”  The Eldest Princess couldn’t help revealing a look of surprise.

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