Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: This king is here to pick you up

“His highness!  He…..Why is he here?  Young miss, let’s go back and hide.  We can’t let his highness find you, otherwise he will definitely lock you away in that dark dungeon where you can’t even see your fingers.  Too terrifying.” Xiao Ru grabbed Chen Ning’s sleeves and shrank backwards.

Chen Ning stood there without moving, revealing a firm light in her cold eyes.

“No, I’m not leaving.  Since he can find this place, he must have came prepared.  Hide? How long can we hide for?” She straightened her back and walked forward, walking to the doors of the main hall.

Inside the hall, the Eldest Princess and Chu Shao Yang were angrily staring at each other.

When Chu Shao Yang left the palace, he received some news from his hidden guard.  The Eldest Princess took advantage of the fact he wasn’t at the palace to break in and take the little maid in the dungeon named Xiao Ru.

This news made it more certain to him that Chen Ning was taken away by the Eldest Princess.

So he immediately went to the Eldest Princess’ palace to find the Eldest Princess and ask for his people back.

He had stayed up all night.  His anxiety, worry, anger, and all kinds of emotions mixed together, making him wish he could kill someone.

When he arrived at the Eldest Princess’ palace, he aggressively charged his way in.  the Eldest Princess was at the practice field and came out with a cold expression when she heard the news.

“Shao Yang, you are becoming even more unruly!  This is my Eldest Princess palace, you actually dare to break in!”

Chu Shao Yang clenched his hands into fists and his face turned livid.  He stared at her as he said, “Royal aunt, where is Ning’er?”

The Eldest Princess raised her brows and acted in a confused manner as she said, “What Ning’er?  You’re here to find your princess? Isn’t she in the Empress Dowager’s palace? Why did you come to this princess’ palace to find her?”

“Royal aunt, righteous people don’t act in an underhanded manner.  If you dare to do it, why don’t you dare to admit it?” Chu Shao Yang said in a cold voice.

“Shao Yang, is this the attitude you should have towards your elders?  The Eldest Princess’ face suddenly fell.

“You’ve stolen this king’s princess.  In your heart, do you even treat this king as your nephew?”  Chu Shao Yang replied back, speaking in a cold, blaming voice.

“How bold!”  The Eldest Princess flew into a rage.  She swept her hand across and swept the blue and white porcelain tea set to the ground, smashing it to pieces.

Chu Shao Yang coldly stood there with dark eyes.  He coldly said, “Royal aunt, Ning’er has to be in your palace.  Please give her back to this king.”

“She’s not in this princess’ palace.  If your princess is missing, then why did you run to this princess’ palace to ask for her……”

The words of the Eldest Princess suddenly stopped.  Her eyes were staring at the gates of the hall as they turned wide and her mouth formed a circle.

Chu Shao Yang followed her gaze and his body suddenly trembled.

He saw a pretty, young girl standing at the door of the main hall.  She had hair like clouds and a dress that fell to the ground. The sunlight fell onto her head, shoulder, and face, giving her a faint yellow glow around her entire body.

“Ning’er…..You, you, why did you come out?”  The Eldest Princess was speechless. She had been firmly denying this fact, but she never thought that Chen Ning would suddenly come out.

Chu Shao Yang’s face filled with pleasant surprise.  His heart was so excited that it almost jumped out of his chest.

His eyes stared right at Chen Ning, not blinking at all.

She had the same appearance as what he remembered.  Pure and refined, extremely graceful. She was like a beautiful stream and as long as she appeared, he would be attracted by her.

“Ning’er, this king is here to pick you up.”

He took a deep breath and revealed a bright smile, making his handsome face even more radiant.

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