Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 483

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Chapter 483: The real perpetrator

She never thought that this guard’s martial arts was much better.  He followed along with her move, causing her kick to land on thin air.

Chen Ning gritted her teeth, stabbing the hairpin in her hands at the guard’s eyes without any hesitation.

“Hey, you really are fierce!”  The guard was shocked, but his body flashed while sending out his right palm, grabbing onto her wrist.  With a bit of force, Chen Ning felt her wrist go numb and she could not longer hold onto the hairpin, letting it fall to the floor.

She had no hesitation as she opened her mouth to bite at the guard’s ear.

“Hey, hey, hey!  Did you go crazy?”  The guard quickly extended a finger and poked her acupuncture point.

Chen Ning could not move, but her face turned as cold as ice.  She suddenly opened her mouth and spat at the guard.

They were very close and this wad of spit almost landed on the guard’s face.  It was a good thing the guard reacted fast and moved out of the way, before being unable to resist saying.

“Ning’er, it’s me!”

That person’s voice suddenly changed, going from rough to clear and very familiar.

Chen Ning was stunned and her eyes opened wide as she looked at the guard.  There were no lights in the carriage so she couldn’t see the guard’s face, but this voice…..seemed like it belonged to the Eldest Princess.

“You are…..Eldest Princess?”

“He, he, it’s me.”  Taking off the hat, she threw it onto the ground.  Then she took off the guard uniform and folded it into a bundle before throwing it far from the cart.  She also took out a small torch which she lit, filling the small compartment of the cart with a dim yellow light.

She gave Chen Ning a happy smile and said, “Ning’er, you never thought it was this princess, right?  Don’t be angry, this princess was just playing a joke with you, but I never thought that you would be as fierce as a wild cat.  If I didn’t poke your acupuncture point, this princess really might have no way of taking you away.”

She then said, “Ning’er, are you angry?”

How could Chen Ning feel angry?  She asked in a curious voice, “Eldest Princess, why are you here?  Why did you disguise yourself as the driver?”

“Yes, this princess was entrusted by someone to kidnap you.  Just pretend this princess is a real kidnapper.”

The Eldest Princess looked up with a smile and reached out with a finger, pressing her sleeping acupuncture point again.

Chen Ning felt her eyes turn dark as she fainted, not knowing what happened.

She felt herself sleep for a very, very long time, seeing many people in her dreams, but she could not see through these vague figures.

Being half asleep, it was like someone was stroking her hair and speaking in her ears, but the voice was low and she couldn’t hear it clearly.

In her sleep, she also heard someone crying beside her.

She couldn’t fall asleep with this noise and forcefully opened her eyes.  She saw a young girl beside her bed, sobbing in a very sad manner.

The young girl’s face was hidden by her clothes and her appearance could not be clearly seen.  There were only two buns that could be seen on her head that seemed like what Xiao Ru had.


She tentatively called out.  She thought that she was in a dream, so she reached out to touch the young girl’s hair.  It felt soft and smooth, like it wasn’t a dream.

The young girl looked up with her round face, red eyes, and tears dripping down her face.  It was Xiao Ru.

“Young miss!”  Xiao Ru cried as she hugged her, tightly digging her head into her chest.

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