Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 482

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Chapter 482: The emperor will bear it

“Shao Yang, let him go.  He did not tell any lies.”

Empress Dowager Zhou said nothing the entire time, but suddenly spoke out.

“This widow had someone check and found that he just married a month ago.  He married his childhood sweetheart, his cousin that he grew up with. The two of them have a good relation, so he will not do anything to Ning’er.  This widow has also had the doctor examine him and found that there was a large bruise behind his head, so what he said was true. There was someone that knocked him out and took the guard uniform, before driving the cart away.  It was that person that stole Ning’er.”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly looked up right at Empress Dowager Zhou, “Royal grandmother, in the royal palace, being able to secretly knock out a guard and kidnapping someone like this, there are not many people that can perform this kind of courageous thing.”

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a very slow nod, but she did not say a thing.

She looked down at a smooth jade beside her and lifted it up to gently stroke it.

Su Jin opened her mouth, but then hesitated.

She seemed like she thought of something, but looking at Chu Shao Yang, she swallowed her words once again.

“Royal grandmother, Shao Yang knows who that person is.”

Chu Shao Yang released the guard and then slowly stood up.  His eyes were dark as clouds as they sparkled with a light.

He turned around and walked off, not turning back once.

Empress Dowager Zhou watched him leave, not saying a single word.

“Empress Dowager, why did you not stop his highness?  He…..He is going to find the emperor.” Su Jin had an anxious look on her face.

“Emperor?  No, he’s not going to find the emperor.”  Empress Dowager Zhou slowly said.

“Then…..”  Su Jin said in a doubtful voice.

“Yes, the Eldest Princess.” Empress Dowager Zhou finished it for her.  Then she leaned back on the couch before closing her eyes and giving a sigh, “These children, not a single one cares about this widow.  Forget it, this widow doesn’t care anymore, I’ll let them run wild. Even if the sky falls down, the emperor will be able to bear it!”

Su Jin took in a gasp and her eyes went wide open, not daring to believe what Empress Dowager Zhou had just said.

How could this matter be related to Eldest Princess An Le!

Did that mean the Ding Yuan Princess was kidnapped by the Eldest Princess?

Su Jin’s guess was not wrong.  Chen Ning had been taken away by the Eldest Princess.

When she had retreated into the cart, not being able to retreat any further, she took off her hairpin and tightly gripped it in her hands, watching the royal guard driver.  As long as they took a step forward, she would not hesitate to attack, taking advantage of their unguarded state to take their live.

“Who are you?  What do you want?  There is gold and jewels here, so if you want it, you can take it all!”

Face with this slowly approaching guard, Chen Ning was strangely calm.  Her dark eyes were shining with a cold light.

The guard said in a rough voice, “Father wants nothing, father just wants you…..Hei, hei, such a petite beauty, you really move people with a single glance.  Come home with me and I’ll properly take care of you.”

He spoke as he reached a dark and large palm towards Chen Ning.

Chen Ning suddenly attacked, grabbing the guard’s wrist and forcefully pulling, while kicking out with her right foot at the guard’s important part on his lower body.  This was a modern era’s woman self defense move that she was very familiar with. This attack was sent out very neatly, catching the guard off guard.

She was sure this attack would hit.

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