Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 484

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Chapter 484: The missing finger

It really was Xiao Ru!

Chen Ning suddenly felt a sense of reality hit her as she rubbed Xiao Ru’s head.  Had she really returned to the King Ding Yuan palace?

“Xiao Ru, don’t cry, don’t cry.  Tell me, where are we?”

She found that she was lying down on a large bed with a red silk brocaded quilt covering her that was warm and soft.  Looking around, the room was bright and spacious with two wood carved windows being open, letting in sunlight, as well as letting the fragrance of flowers drift into the room.

The room was decorated with various expensive items, but it was simply designed.

She knew that this place was definitely not the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

Xiao Ru looked up and forcefully sniffled her nose, speaking in a muffled voice, “This is the Eldest Princess’ palace.”

“Eldest Princess’ palace?”

Chen Ning suddenly knit her brows and suddenly remembered what happened before she fainted.  Did the Eldest Princess bring her back to her palace?


“Xiao Ru, why are you here?”  Didn’t Chu Shao Yang…..” She opened her lips and remembered the bloody finger, suddenly giving a shiver.

She grabbed Xiao Ru’s right hand and almost did not dare look at her little fingers.  Her eyes were already red, with tears appearing on the edge, but she found that Xiao Ru’s five fingers were present, without a single one missing.

She was stunned, but grabbed Xiao Ru’s left hand.  She wiped her tears and took a proper look at it, finding all the fingers on Xiao Ru’s left hand present.

Chen Ning was stunned.

“Ah, his highness really is a bad man!  He locked my up inside a dark dungeon and even tied me up to a pillar.  He said that as long as the young miss did not come back to the palace, he would not give me food or water.  He said he wanted me to starve to death or die from a lack of water! He…..really is a bad person!”

When Xiao Ru heard Chu Shao Yang’s name, her little face turned red and she angrily gritted her teeth.

“He…..He only locked you up?  He didn’t…..didn’t…..” Chen Ning once again checked both of Xiao Ru’s hands.  Although the ten fingers were still there, she was still terrified.

She suddenly thought of something and took in a breath of cold air.

Could Chu Shao Yang have cut off one of Xiao Ru’s toes?

“Xiao Ru, take off your shoes!”  She suddenly said.

Xiao Ru was stunned, “Young miss, what did you say?”

“I said take off your shoes.  Quickly, do it quickly!”

Xiao Ru was puzzled, but she still took off her shoes, revealing a pair of white and slender little feet.

She saw that Chen Ning was staring at her foot and her face turned red from embarrassment.  She hid her feet behind herself and said in an awkward voice, “Young miss, this servant’s feet are ugly, they don’t look good at all.”

Chen Ning let out a long sigh.

None missing!

Xiao Ru was not missing a single finger or toe.

The finger Chu Shao Yang sent did not belong to Xiao Ru!

Bastard, he used this kind of underhanded move to force her out of the palace!

Chen Ning gritted her teeth, “Xiao Ru, tell me, other than binding you up, what else did that bastard Chu Shao Yang do to you?  Your body…..Is there anywhere else that hurts?”

She still did not believe Chu Shao Yang would let go of Xiao Ru this easily.

Xiao Ru shook her head.

“Then why are you at the Eldest Princess’ palace?”  Chen Ning asked again.

“It was last night when the Eldest Princess personally saved me from the dungeon.  She said she was bringing me to see you and then I saw young miss in the end.  The Eldest Princess did not lie to me, she really is a good person.”

Xiao Ru finished chirping and then held Chen Ning’s hand.  She looked her over and when she saw that she was safe, she finally relaxed.

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