Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 481

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Chapter 481: Not daring to have idea about the Princess Consort

Mo Chuan suddenly turned around and walked off.

He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would really not be able to resist taking Chu Shao Yang’s life.

Watching the emperor leave the palace gates, Chu Shao Yang finally let out a long sigh of relief.

“Emperor, your highness, the Empress Dowager is awake and you can go in now.  Yi, your highness, why are you alone? Where is the emperor?”

When Su Jin came out of Empress Dowager Zhou’s room and saw that only Chu Shao Yang was remaining in the corridor, revealing a look of surprise.

“The emperor remembered some affairs he needed to take care of, so he returned to the royal study.”  Chu Shao Yang said without any changes in his expression.

Su Jin did not find this strange and nodded, “Your highness, please come in.”

Empress Dowager Zhou had just awoken, but her face was poor and her eyes were bloodshot.  It was clear she had a sleepless night.

“Royal grandmother, have you caught that royal guard yet?”  Seeing Empress Dowager Zhou, Chu Shao Yang impatiently asked this.

“He has been caught.”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a slow nod.

“Then royal grandmother, has Ning’er been found?”  Chu Shao Yang was filled with joy.

“No.”  Empress Dowager Zhou shook her head, revealing an expression that had no excitement at all.  She gave a sigh and then said while clapping her hand, “Su Jin, have someone bring the guard in.”

Chu Shao Yang’s heard was filled with doubts as he looked outside the door.

“Shao Yang, if you have any questions, just ask them yourself.”  Empress Dowager Zhou rubbed her forehead in a tired manner, feeling very upset.

Not long passed and two guards came in holding a man around twenty years old.  The man immediately kneeled down when he entered the room, crying he was innocent.

“I’ve been wronged!  Empress Dowager, this humble servant truly knows nothing, I ask the Empress Dowager to find the truth!”

Chu Shao Yang looked at the man and found that he was only wearing a set of white clothing.  He was tall and burly, clearly someone that practiced martial arts.

He took a step forward and grabbed the man’s collar.  Flames were pouring out of his eyes as he angrily said, “Beast, take out this king’s princess!  If she’s missing even a single hair, then this king will chop you into pieces to feed the dogs!”

The man was trembling as he cried and said, “Mercy your highness.  This humble servant is truly innocent, this humble servant hasn’t even seen the Princess Consort!”

Before he could even finish, Chu Shao Yang slapped his face, making blood flow from the corner of his mouth.

“If you keep lying, this king will immediately take your life!”  He shouted in a severe voice.

The guard bowed down again, “Your highness, this humble servant does not dare lie and would not dare lie to the Empress Dowager and your highness.  This humble servant was on duty yesterday and the Empress Dowager had this humble servant send the Princess Consort back. This humble servant brought a horse carriage to the palace gates, but a strong blow hit the back of my head and everything turned dark as this humble servant fainted.  When this humble servant awoke, this humble servant found my clothes missing and I was thrown into a corner. This humble servant felt this was strange, but I was suddenly grabbed by a few royal guards and brought to the Empress Dowager. Empress Dowager, your highness, this humble servant is telling the truth without a single lie.  This humble servant is willing to use my life to make a vow!”

He was crying as he spoke.  A large man was breaking down in tears.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid.  He raised his right palm and transferred his internal energy in, slowly applying pressure.

“Do you refuse to repent without seeing a coffin!”  He coldly said as his eyes exploded with killing intent.

The guard felt a giant stone like pressure fall on him and his chest began to hurt.  His neck bones creaked, threatening to break as he begged, “Your highness, this humble servant is innocent, innocent!  Even if this humble servant eats a bear’s heart and a leopard’s guts, I wouldn’t dare have any ideas towards the Princess Consort!”

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