Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 480

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Chapter 480: This emperor position was his

Going against Chu Shao Yang’s expectations, not only was the emperor not angry, he instead spoke to him in a pleasant voice.

After saying this, Mo Chuan stood by the porch, leisurely enjoying the flowers in the garden.

Chu Shao Yang felt like his fist hit thin air and felt awkward for a while.

He waved his sleeve and took two steps, but then turned around and stood by the porch.

He couldn’t leave.

He suddenly remembered that Empress Dowager Zhou sent someone to find the royal guard, so he had to find Empress Dowager Zhou to ask about everything.

Only, as long as the emperor remained, it would be very eye catching.

In front of the emperor, how could she speak?

No, he had to chase the emperor away.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly took two steps forward and stood beside Mo Chuan.

“Emperor, you coming to the Peaceful Life Palace, are you really just here to pay your respects to the Empress Dowager?”   He spoke in a provocative voice that contained no respect at all.

Mo Chuan slowly looked over at him and calmly said, “What else would it be?”

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh.  Then he lowered his voice to a level that only the two of them could hear, “If the emperor dares to do it, why do you not dare admit it?  Do you not want to see her?”

“What her?”  Mo Chuan sad with a calm expression.

“He, he, the emperor clearly knows yet is still asking.  You like her, don’t you emperor? Do you now regret your decision to marry her to me?  Why did you not have enter the harem palace earlier? If you knew this was going to happen, you should have acted differently!  Now you want her, it’s too late! This minister is not afraid to tell the emperor that she will be my, Chu Shao Yang’s princess for  her entire life, this minister will never let her be free!” Chu Shao Yang gave a low and evil laugh, laughing like a night owl.

He knew which words could hurt a person the most.  He knew which words would cut the aloof emperor’s heart like a knife.

He was almost filled with pleasure as he watched this knife pierce through the other party’s heart and then he took it out with blood dripping from it.

Sure enough, once he said this, he saw Mo Chuan’s expression change.

Because of regret and pain, that flawless face twisted slightly.  It was only a for second, but Chu Shao Yang did not miss it.

Mo Chuan resisted the urge to slap Chu Shao Yang to death.  His cold eyes fell onto his face and he slowly said, “This one is the emperor, so this one can order for your separation.”

“He, he.”  Chu Shao Yang began to laugh, laughing in a calm and confident manner, “Separation?  As long as this minister does not agree, so what if you’re the emperor? As long as the emperor dares to give this decree, this minister will tell the entire world that you as the emperor fell for this minister’s princess and you want to seize this minister’s wife!  This minister wants to see just how steady your emperor throne will be at that time. Emperor, you wouldn’t be giving up your throne just for a girl, right?”

Mo Chuan glared and gritted his teeth, “Chu Shao Yang, are you not afraid this one will cut off your head?”

“Of course I’m scared.  Only, emperor, if you cut off this minister’s head, how will you explain to the Empress Dowager?  Also, after killing this minister, how will you stop the world from gossiping about this matter?” Chu Shao Yang revealed an evil and crazy smile.

He was assured that the emperor would not kill him because the previous emperor was his blood related father.  This emperor throne should have belonged to him.

“Chu, Shao, Yang!”  Mo Chuan spat out these three words from between his teeth, each word being filled with a bone freezing chill.

Chu Shao Yang knew that he had provoked a tiger, but he did not care.

He just wanted to make the emperor rage off, going as far as possible.

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