Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 479

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Chapter 479: Having bad intentions

When the ministers heard this, they all praised him.

“So the emperor has already made a move and sent King Jing An already.  You really look far into the future, the others and I cannot compete.”

“The emperor truly looks far into the future, this old minister is filled with admiration.”

Mo Chuan stood up and said, “Everyone’s worked hard an entire night, so there is no need for morning court today.  Everyone should head back and rest. Xiao Si, go and send out my orders. There is no morning court today and this one is going to pay respects to the Empress Dowager in the Peaceful Life Palace, otherwise the Empress Dowager will worry.”

He prepared everything before walking out of the royal study.  There was already a sedan prepared outside.

The ministers all left.

Chu Shao Yang’s expected end to the meeting finally came.  He quickly ran out of the royal study, running in front of everyone.

Who would have thought that as the emperor sat down in the sedan, he would turn to look at him and wave his hand to say, “Shao Yang, you are also going to the Peaceful Life Palace to pay respects to the Empress Dowager?  That’s good, come with this one.”

It was like Chu Shao Yang ate a bitter melon and could not say a word.

He could only follow behind the emperor’s sedan, heading towards the Peaceful Life Palace.  His heart felt like it was being placed in a burning pan and this feeling felt like torment for his heart.

Finally arriving in the Peaceful Life Palace, Chu Shao Yang wanted to pay his respects to Empress Dowager Zhou as quickly as possible.  He wanted to return quickly and send people out to find Chen Ning’s whereabouts.

Who would have thought that Su Jin would come out and tell them that Empress Dowager Zhou was not up yet because she stayed up late last night.

“Emperor, since the Empress Dowager is not up, this minister will first return to my palace and come pay my respects to the Empress Dowager another day.”

Chu Shao Yang quickly said this and then turned to leave.

“Wait, Shao Yang.  This is a rare trip to the Peaceful Life Palace, how could you bare to leave so quickly?”

Mo Chuan stepped forward and gripped Chu Shao Yang’s wrist, smiling at him.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart turned cold and he said in a deep voice, “What does the emperor mean?  Please forgive this minister for not understanding.”

“You don’t understand?”  Mo Chuan raised his brows and gently said, “Does King Ding Yuan not want to see his princess?  This one remembers that on the day of the spring banquet, Shao Yang professed his feelings to his princess in front of everyone.  Could it be that you already forgot about your princess? Coming to the Peaceful Life Palace and not seeing the princess. If the princess were to know this, wouldn’t her heart turn cold towards you?”

Chu Shao Yang was surprised, but then he understood.  The emperor really did not know the situation and thought Chen Ning was still in the Peaceful Life Palace.  So once the meeting ended, he did not even go to sleep before rushing over to the Peaceful Life Palace.


It sounds good that he wants to pay respects to the Empress Dowager, but he had bad intentions.  He wanted to come here and see his, Chu Shao Yang’s woman!

Chu Shao Yang felt anger instantly fill his mind.

“Emperor, you caring about this minister’s family matters fills this minister with gratitude.  Ning’er is this minister’s princess and whether her heart is cold or not, she will always be this minister’s woman.  If this minister want her to live, she lives and if this minister wants her to die, she dies. There is no need for the emperor to defend her from injustice.  What, has this minister’s princess moved the emperor’s heart and you wish to show affection to her?”

He curled his lips into a cold smile.

From the day of spring banquet, he found that the emperor’s gaze towards her was not right.  After, he found that his guess was right.

It seemed like the emperor fell in love with his princess, with his woman!  He was trying to find ways to take her from his side!

There were things that could be tolerated and things that couldn’t!

“Shao Yang, this one only asked a single question about your princess, is there a need to be this angry?  Alright, since you’re not willing to see your princess, then this one will not force you. You can go back now.  This one will wait here to pay respects to the Empress Dowager.”

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