Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 477

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Chapter 477: A sincere heart

He had decided that Chen Ning had been taken by the emperor, but seeing the situation in front of him, he quickly realized that he had made a mistake.

Chen Ning had not been stolen by the emperor because the emperor did not even know about it.

The idea he quickly thought of was that he could not let the emperor know about this matter!

He had to find her before the emperor did!

“Emperor, this minister, this minister.”  His face was red, trying to find a reason for himself.

Empress Dowager Zhou slowly moved forward.  When she appeared by the door of the royal study, she gave a gentle cough.


When Mo Chuan and the ministers saw her, they all revealed looks of surprise.

“Greetings to mother!”

Mo Chuan was the first one to greet her and the ministers also greeted her.

“Everyone can rise, no need for courtesies.  This widow just came to see the emperor and did not want to disrupt your meeting, so I hope all these sirs will not mind.”

Empress Dowager Zhou acted modest and polite because of her previous training.  The royal harem would never interfere with politics and even with her position as the Empress Dowager, she did not interfere in politics.

She looked over at Mo Chuan and revealed a faint smile.

“Emperor, Shao Yang came to pay his respects to the widow and when he heard that the emperor was busy with political affairs, he quickly rushed over to help the emperor solve the problem.  Isn’t that right, Shao Yang?”

Her words were like a life saving straw that made Chu Shao Yang’s eyes light up.

He immediately replied, “That’s right, this minister came to share the emperor’s worries.”

After saying this, he looked at Empress Dowager Zhou with a look of gratitude.  He thought that his royal grandmother really cared for him.

“So it’s like this.  Since King Ding Yuan is so sincere, then this one is very pleased.”

Mo Chuan’s cold expression finally softened and Chu Shao Yang let out a sigh of relief.

“King Ding Yuan, you came right on time.  This one and the ministers were discussing the issue of the East Qin tributes.  The ministers were endlessly debating, so this one wants to hear your opinion.”

Mo Chuan’s face turned incomparably dark, looking at Chu Shao Yang’s face, speaking without any hesitation.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned, “What East Qin tribute?  Is it time to pay the yearly tribute already?”

He looked at the solemn expressions of Mo Chuan and the ministers and his heart filled with doubts.

He had only not gone to morning court for a single day.  Had something important happened in morning court today?

“King Ding Yuan was truly sick, not even knowing about the major matters of our West Chu Country.”  A minister on the side couldn’t help criticizing him.

“If you’re truly sick, then go back and rest yourself.  Wouldn’t running to the palace at night like this aggravate it?  Stop giving the emperor random ideas because the one who suffers are the citizens of our West Chu Country!”  Another minister gave a cold snort.

They were all ministers born in the West Chu Country, being filled with loyalty to West Chu.  Since Chu Shao Yang dared to speak frankly with the emperor and adding in the fact they weren’t pleased with Chu Shao Yang, even if they were in front of the emperor, they did not give him any face at all.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned green and red, bitterly glaring at everyone here.

Mo Chuan waved his hand and stopped the criticism of the ministers.

“King Ding Yuan coming into the palace this late is because he wanted to help this one, which shows his love and loyalty to the country.  Shao Yang, come and sit down.  Xiao Si, go and prepare a chair for King Ding Yuan.”

How did Chu Shao Yang have the heart to care about politics right now?  However, he was already on a tiger that he could not dismount.

The fierce eyes of the emperor and ministers made him freeze and  it suddenly felt like there was a stone trapping his feet to the ground.  

Under their watchful eyes, he could only enter the royal study and seat his butt in a chair.

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