Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 476

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Chapter 476: Know your crime

“How long has the emperor been inside?”  She then asked.

“Since coming back from the Empress Dowager’s palace, the emperor called several ministers and has been in the royal study ever since.  They even had this servant send in their meals. The emperor said that no one was allowed to go in and bother them, so this servant has been guarding here ever since.”  Xiao Si respectfully replied.

Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned as she repeated, “Since the emperor left this widow’s palace, he has been in the royal study without leaving?”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.  Xiao Si would not dare deceive the Empress Dowager.  Not only did the emperor not leave, even the ministers did not leave.”  Xiao Si replied while lowering his head.

Empress Dowager Zhou gave an “oh” sound.  She knew in her heart that the emperor did not know about this matter.  Since it’s like this, then they should hide it first and let the emperor deal with the political issues.

She looked at Chu Shao Yang and slowly said, “Shao Yang, it seems like this matter is not related to the emperor.  Let’s go back to the Peaceful Life Palace and wait for Su Jin’s news first.”

How could Chu Shao Yang believe this?  He wholeheartedly believed that this was something done by the emperor.  Although Xiao Si insisted that the emperor did not leave the room, without personally seeing it, he did not believe that the person inside the study was the emperor!

Not to mention that with his internal strength, he could hear several people’s voices coming from the study, but he could not recognize the emperor’s voice from these people’s voices.

“Royal grandmother, the emperor is busy with political matters this late, Shao Yang is King Ding Yuan and should help the emperor share his matters.  Shao Yang wishes to go in and pay respects to the emperor, as well as greet the other ministers.”

After saying this, he took a large step and moved towards the royal study.  He said while standing outside the door, “Minister Chu Shao Yang comes forth to greet the emperor.”

“King Ding Yuan, you really are bold!  Without being summoned, you dare enter the royal study!”  Xiao Si was stunned. He quickly came forward to stop him, but it was already too late.

As soon as Chu Shao Yang’s voice fell, he reached out a hand and slammed open the doors to the royal study.

His eyes stared right into the room, but when he looked in, he was instantly stunned.

Inside the royal study, Mo Chuan was sitting at the imperial table with a few reports in front of him, looking dignified.

Surrounding him were several ministers, all sitting down.  There was also a minister standing with an excited expression, currently saying something.

Everyone was startled by the sudden appearance of Chu Shao Yang and looked over at him with strange gazes.

“……”  Chu Shao Yang’s mouth fell wide open, looking extremely awkward.  For a while, he did not know what to say.

He had thought the emperor was not in the study, but who would have thought that the emperor would be there.

“King Ding Yuan, you’re trespassing in the royal study and disturbing imperial matters, know your crime!”  Xiao Si charged forward, stopping in front of Chu Shao Yang and snapping at him.

Mo Chuan slowly looked up and his cold eyes fell onto Chu Shao Yang.  His face revealed no expressions, but the coldness in Mo Chuan’s eyes released a pressure.

“King Ding Yuan, you were away from morning court because you were sick, so what are you here now?”  His voice was cold with a touch of anger and ridicule in it.

The eyes of the ministers looking at Chu Shao Yang suddenly filled with disdain.  They all turned their heads, no longer looking at him.

Chu Shao Yang’s face couldn’t help turning red.

How could he care about court right now, he was only thinking of Chen Ning, thinking of a way to bring Chen Ning back to his palace from the royal palace.  Hearing the accusations of the emperor, he was speechless for a period of time.

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