Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 473

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Chapter 473: Only she couldn’t remain

The doors to the temple were opened.  There were only two candles burning in front, making the place feel very lonely.

Empress Dowager Zhou took a glance and couldn’t help giving a few sighs as she continued moving forward.

Su Jin began and paused several times, but it was all swallowed down.

She was just a servant and an old person of the palace.  She knew what she should and shouldn’t say.

Empress Dowager habitually walked in the direction of the Jade Spring.  Every time her head ached with worry, she couldn’t help going to sniff the flower and refreshing her mind.

But she took two steps today and remembered that the flower was no longer there.

“Have someone plant another Jade Spring tomorrow.”  Empress Dowager Zhou looked at the dirt pit and then slowly turned to leave.

Once she took two steps, she suddenly stopped.

“Su Jin, do you think this widow’s actions today were wrong?”  She suddenly asked in a low voice.

Su Jin lowered her head and replied in a low voice, “This servant does not know.”

Empress Dowager Zhou did not look at her and slowly moved forward.  Su Jin followed behind her and she heard Empress Dowager Zhou’s low voice, as if she was talking to herself.

“When this widow entered the palace, I was as young as she was.  All these years seem to pass by in a flash and this widow’s hair turned white, with many wrinkles on this widow’s face now.  This widow is old, no longer being able to become a young girl like in the past. However, this widow was young before, how could I now know what young girls think?

Su Jin still said nothing.

She knew that Empress Dowager Zhou needed a good listener, not someone to talk to.

So she silently continued to listen.

“The emperor likes her, you like her, even this widow likes her.  This widow does not like doing this kind of heartless thing and this widow is not willing to make the emperor hate his mother, but…..”

Empress Dowager Zhou stopped in front of a begonia.  That flower’s petals were red and soft. She reached out to touch it and her voice slowly turned cold.

“Only, she cannot stay!”

Su Jin’s body trembled.  Then she silently watched Empress Dowager Zhou squeeze the flower, crushing it.

She suddenly shuddered as her eyes filled with terror.

“Empress Dowager!”  She exclaimed in a muffled voice.

Empress Dowager Zhou coolly looked at her, “What, you think this widow sent someone to kill her?”

Su Jin bit her lips and said nothing.

“Your guess isn’t wrong, this widow does want to kill her.  Once she dies, this headache would finally disappear. However, if this widow truly sent someone to kill her, there is nothing that can ever be truly hidden in this world.  The emperor will find out eventually and if that happens, then this widow will lose her son.”

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a faint sigh.  Towards her son Mo Chuan, there was no one that understood him better.  If she really killed his beloved woman, then he might not even want his own mother anymore.

“This widow did not make a move against her, I only sent someone to bring her back to where she belonged.  I hope that Shao Yang can take proper care of her and that the emperor will slowly forget about her.”

Being able to do this was already the greatest concession she could make.

“Empress Dowager, why do you not support them even though you know the emperor loves her?”  Su Jin observed her face and found that when Empress Dowager Zhou referred to Chen Ning, she already no longer revealed any of her previous anger.  Instead, she revealed a look of pity and caring.

Although Empress Dowager Zhou hid her pity and caring well, but Su Jin has been with Empress Dowager Zhou with many years, how could she not notice it?

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  1. admiralen says:

    “I dont support them because im a literal freaking retard!”
    She talks about some stupid imperial prestige, but clearly doesnt give a damn that Chu Shao Yang insults the emperor, lies to him, broke his oath twice, is gonna cause some SERIOUS freaking discord with a big general etc.
    She should just kill herself and leave the world a better place that way
    And considering she wants to plant a new poisonous plant at least shes doing it

  2. The old empress thinks “If she really killed his beloved woman then he might not even want his own mother anymore.”
    MIGHT not?
    Jeezuz…I think you can pretty much guarantee it!
    Do they have any common sense in novels…?

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