Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: Blocking this king, death

Chu Shao Yang tightly knit his brows, but his eyes suddenly lit up.  He saw some dark things in the corner, but it was too dark and he could not see it clearly.

“Someone bring a light!”

Housekeeper Xu personally picked up a large lantern and climbed into the carriage.  Lighting it up, they found that it was several large boxes filled with gifts.

He opened the box one by one, seeing that it was filled with jewels and silk.  He had seen many treasures in his king palace, but he couldn’t help clicking his tongue.

“Your highness, the princess consort must have been in this carriage.  These should be the gifts the Empress Dowager presented her in the palace.”  The hidden guard carefully said this.

Chu Shao Yang’s face suddenly turned sinister and he kicked out, even sending Housekeeper Xu holding the lantern flying from the carriage.

“No shit!”  He angrily and anxiously curse out.

There was a faint smell in the carriage that was her fragrance, but she had disappeared.

Chu Shao Yang paced around the carriage with a heart that was boiling over, but his face revealed no emotions at all.

Suddenly, he reached out and ripped a piece of cloth stuck to one of the nails in the cart.

A soft feeling touched his hand, which showed this was a good piece of silk.  He placed it to his nose and his expression became even uglier.

This curtain had her smell on it which meant this came from her clothes.  What did she meet? Why had her clothes been ripped by this nail?

She must have retreated into a corner after meeting some kind of danger!

Chu Shao Yang’s handsome face twisted up.

“You, tell this king.  Where did you find this horse carriage!”

He strode out of the cart and reached out to grab the hidden guard that had driven the carriage over.

The hidden guard replied, “It was in a quiet alley.  When this subordinate arrived, there was only the carriage, but the driver and the Princess Consort had already disappeared.  That’s right, this servant also found a package not far from the alley.”

“Open it!”  Chu Shao Yang said in a severe voice.

The package was opened and there was a set of imperial guard clothes inside.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes turned cold and he jumped off the carriage.  He personally examined them and carefully looked over each one.

That’s right, these were the clothes of the palace’s guards.  However, why did they appear here?

That’s right.  It had to be someone pretending to be a guard and a driver, taking advantage of this to secretly steal her away!

Who?  Who did this?

Was it the emperor?

It had to be the emperor!

Chu Shao Yang tightly gripped the cloth in his hand as his eyes turned cold.  He suddenly shot a palm out, breaking the thill of the cart. He jumped onto the horse and rode it in the direction of the royal palace.

The flames of rage burned bright in his heart.  Other than his rage, there was also strong killing intent filling his heart.

The horse underneath him was rushed the entire way.  He reached the royal city gates in an instant and the horse fell down foaming at the mouth.

“Greetings to your highness.”

The royal guard gatekeepers saw his murderous appearance and were all scared.  Although they greeted him, their hands secretly went to their blades.

“This king has something to see the Empress Dowager about.  Whoever blocks this king, death!”

Chu Shao Yang raised his token high up.  His eyes were red and his muscles were tense, making anyone that saw him feel cold.

When the guards saw this, they couldn’t help retreating.  No one dared to move forward to block him.

Chu Shao Yang strode towards the Empress Dowager’s Peaceful Life Palace with large steps.

Empress Dowager Zhou had just finished her dinner.  She did not have an appetite and her chest felt stuffed after just a few bites, so she was walking in the garden with Su Jin.

When they passed the doors to the temple, their steps slightly paused.

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