Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 474

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Chapter 474: The wicked complain first

“Support them?  This is an impossible matter!  What status does she have? She is the wife of the emperor’s nephew!  If this widow allowed them to mess around with each other, then what will happen to the ethics of this world?  Not to mention the fact that this is related to the dignity of the royal family!” Empress Dowager Zhou said in a severe voice.

Su Jin lowered her head and said nothing.

Empress Dowager Zhou stopped again and heard some noise coming from the palace gates.  She couldn’t help knitting her brows.

“What is happening outside?”

“This servant will take a look.”  Su Jin quickly went off and after a while, she quickly came back.

“Empress Dowager, King Ding Yuan has entered the palace and wishes to see the Empress Dowager, but he has been stopped outside the palace by the guards.  He seems to be very angry, as if he wants to make a move against the guards.”

When Empress Dowager Zhou heard this, she revealed a frown, “Why is he here?  Didn’t the princess already return to his palace? Su Jin, let him come in.”

She sat down in a pear yellow chair.

“Royal grandmother!”  When Chu Shao Yang saw Empress Dowager Zhou, he kneeled down to her and said through gritted teeth, “I ask royal grandmother to make a decision for your grandson!”

“Shao Yang, stand up and talk.  What happened?”

There were many lanterns hung up in Empress Dowager Zhou’s yard.  She could clearly see the vein popping out on Chu Shao Yang’s head and his eyes were completely red, clearly being angered to the extreme.

“Royal grandmother, Ning’er…..She’s gone!”  Chuu Shao Yang tightly gripped his fists and forced himself to say this in a calm voice.

“What did you say?  Ning’er is gone?”

Empress Dowager Zhou was shocked, suddenly standing up in her chair.  Her body swayed and Su Jin quickly came over to support her, also have a shocked look on her face.

The two of them stared right at Chu Shao Yang, as if they didn’t believe their ears.

“Shao Yang, describe everything clearly for this widow, don’t miss a single word!  Ning’er, how could she disappear? When did she disappear? Just an hour ago, this widow sent someone to send her away, so how could she be gone?”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s voice turned sharp as her eyes revealed an even sharper glow.

The first thought she had was that this brat was lying!  She thought that he had hurt the princess, then came to the palace to find her, reporting it as the guilty party.

“Royal grandmother, when Ning’er was on the road back to the palace, she suddenly disappeared.  There was also the royal guard that disappeared with her at the same time! Royal grandmother, look at this.  This is the royal guard outfit that Shao Yang found near the cart and also, this is a ripped piece of clothing Shao Yang found inside the horse carriage.”

Chu Shao Yang clearly described everything that happened and then took out the imperial guard clothes, as well as that piece of cloth he was tightly grasping for Empress Dowager Zhou.

“This cloth does belong to the Princess Consort!”

Su Jin immediately recognized it.  It was the exact same colour and made of the same material as the dress Chen Ning was wearing when she left.  Her face instantly turned white.

While Empress Dowager Zhou was listening to Chu Shao Yang’s story, her two small brows slowly began to raise.

She person she was suspicious of now was not Chu Shao Yang, but rather her son who was not low key at all.

Being able to do something like this, other than the emperor, there was no one else!

No wonder Chu Shao Yang would angrily charge into the palace to find her.  On the surface it was to report this matter, but actually he was here to ask for her!

But when she thought about it, she found it was impossible!

The emperor would not know about this matter.

Before Chu Shao Yang had arrived, she had been worried that the emperor would find out about her sending the Ding Yuan Princess away and what kind of mess he would create.

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