Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: I will make him feel regret

Her mind completely went blank and that bloody finger dangled in front of her, making her body

She closed her eyes and stopped the tears from flowing for a long time.

Xiao Ru!  Xiao Ru!  I was the one that hurt you!  It was all my fault!

She gave a silent cry in her heart.  She opened her mouth, but her voice was hoarse and could not make a single sound.

“Princess Consort, please stop.  The Empress Dowager has ordered that you are not allowed to take a single step out of the palace.”

A black clothed figure suddenly appeared by her side, bowing down to her, but also blocking her path.

Chen Ning stared at them and then wiped her tears with her sleeve.  She found that she had almost mistaken this black clothed guard in front of her for Mo Chuan.

She saw that she had actually come to the door of the Peaceful Life Palace.  She nodded and then turned back in.

Keep calm, she had to keep calm!

She couldn’t lose control of herself!

She kept telling herself in her heart, but how could she calm down after this?

How important Xiao Ru was to her, only she knew this.  Seeing that severed finger, it was like a piece of meat being cut off from her, filling her with a deep pain!

Chu Shao Yang!  He dared to hurt Xiao Ru and he used her life to threaten her with!  Good, really good!

I, Chen Ning swear that I will fill you with regret!

She took in a deep breath and tightly gripped her fist, feeling all the blood in her body turning in her body.

Because of her anger and excitement, her body began to tremble again, but her back was straight and her face revealed a look of determination as she continued to walk forward.

The moment she turned around, she had already made her decision!

“Ning’er, what’s wrong?”  Suddenly, she crashed into a warm and strong embrace.

When the familiar smell entered her nose, the tears that had dried began to flow once again.  She was like an aggrieved child, suddenly rushing into this embrace, tightly hugging him as she let her tears flow into his chest.

Mo Chuan’s arms couldn’t help becoming tighter as his dark eyes suddenly became even darker.

She was crying!

He could feel the clothes on his chest turning wet from her tears and her trembling body in his embrace.  What happened to her?

Had she been bullied?  Had she been frightened?

He had only left her for half the time of an incense, so just what had happened to her!

When she was silently crying in his chest, it filled his heart with a strong pain.

“Xiao Si, go and ask around about what just happened and who came here!”  He coldly ordered.  

He suddenly picked her up and walked over to the temple with large steps.  When he opened the doors of the temple, he was suddenly stunned.

The couch that had belonged to her already disappeared and the inside was completely clean.  There was only a single mat in front of the altar.

“Emperor, the Empress Dowager has ordered that the Princess Consort will be moved to the Warm West Pavilion and the princess’ things have already been moved over.”  A maid’s nervous voice rang out from behind him.

That maid had been cleaning the temple when the Emperor came rushing in holding this young girl.  She quickly kneeled down, but Mo Chuan did not even take a single glance at her.

But she found that young girl was no one else but the princess that lived here.  She quickly kneeled down and explained everything to him.

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