Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: He is waiting for your return

Chen Ning did not take it and said without any expressions, “No need.  The Empress Dowager is kind to me and I have no shortage of things here.  You can take this all back and have him not send any presents in the future.  I’ll throw away whatever presents he sends.”

After she said this, she turned to leave.

“Princess Consort, this is a present from his highness to you.  His highness said that you can not take it, but you had to take a look at it.  If you don’t look at it, you will be filled with a lifetime of regret.”

Xiao An Zi’s voice softly came from behind her, being filled with a humble caution, but it made a chill run down Chen Ning’s spine.

She turned around and saw that Xiao An Zi had a package the size of a fist.  It was a square in shape and quite high.

“What is this?”

She looked at the box and slowly walked over.  When she held the box, she felt that the box was very light and her heart instantly sank.  In that moment, she did not dare look inside.

“This servant does not know.  This servant has said everything his highness has told this servant.  His highness said that only the Princess Consort can know about this gift.  If there is a second person that knows about it, then his highness will destroy the gift.”  Xiao An Zi kneeled on the floor, not lifting his head as he spoke.

Chen Ning felt her hands holding the box slightly shaking.  She took in a deep breath and slowly opened the box.  With a single glance, her body began to violently tremble.  It was like she could no longer hold the box as it fell down.

There was only a single item in the box, a blood covered severed finger!

The finger was slender and delicate.  A single glance was enough to tell that it was a little girl’s finger.

Chen Ning did not need to think to know who this finger came from!  She also understood what Chu Shao Yang meant by gift!

Her eyes turned warm as tears almost fell out.  Her legs also drained of all strength, almost making her fall down.

“Be careful Princess Consort!”  Xiao An Zi quickly came off the ground and held her by one hand, while smoothly catching the box that fell from her hand.  He also secretly whispered into her ears, “His highness also wanted this servant to tell the princess that he will be in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, waiting for your return.  But other than the Princess Consort, he wants to see no one else, otherwise the princess will never see that girl Xiao Ru ever again.”

After saying this, he moved back two steps and lowered his arms, once again assuming the position of a humble servant.

Chen Ning finally realized that this Xiao An Zi that did not stand out also knew martial arts.

Her body began to tremble from her rage and she tightly bit her lip, until small amounts of blood began to flow out.  Her hands were tightly clenched into fists as she glared at Xiao An Zi.

Xiao An Zi continued to bow his head, not making a single sound.

“Alright.  Go and tell Chu Shao Yang that I, Chen Ning will come back.  I will definitely come back!  If before I come back, he dares to hurt Xiao Ru anymore, then I will want his life!”  She slowly spat these words out.

“This servant understands and will relay the princess’ words to his highness without a single fault.  Please take care of yourself Princess Consort, this servant will leave now.”

Xiao An Zi placed the package at Chen Ning’s feet before slowly backing away while bowing down, all the way until he was out the palace gates.

Chen Ning’s eyes fell onto the bag and she slowly picked it up.  She tightly held it like a drowning man holding a piece of driftwood as she walked back inside in a daze.

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