Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: Single man and woman

Warm West Pavilion?

Mo Chuan’s dark eyes flashed and he immediately understood what Empress Dowager Zhou wanted.  His lips curled as he gave a cold laugh.

“Get out!”

The maid quickly ran away.  As soon as she exited the door, they closed right behind her, almost slamming into her nose as she turned around.

She looked at the tightly closed doors in a daze, with her heart beating in fright.

The emperor carried the Ding Yuan Princess in……A man and woman were alone…..The temple even had closed doors.

What, what, what were they doing?

Her teeth chattered in fear, suddenly feeling a sense of doom.

Mo Chuan turned around and looked around the temple, with his eyes falling on the table.  He walked over while holding her and then swept his sleeve, knocking the ink, papers, and pens to the ground.  He then gently placed her onto the table, held her shoulders and looked into her red tear filled eyes.

“Tell me, what happened?  Even if you don’t say it, this one will find out.”  He said this word for word.

He understood her personality and knew that she would rather keep things in her heart, solving it by herself.  She did not like relying on others.

But she was not a stranger!  He hoped to be the first person she thought of when she was powerless, sad, and in need of help!

Even if one day she created a hole, he was willing to block it for her!

As long as she was willing to tell him!

Chen Ning shook her head because she could not say it.  Chu Shao Yang had send her Xiao Ru’s finger to warn her, so she could not say a single word to Mo Chuan.

Otherwise, he would take Xiao Ru’s life!

She wiped her eyes and tightly hugged the back, gently saying, “It’s nothing, I’m just not feeling good.  I feel a lot better after crying.”

Not feeling good?  Bullshit!

Mo Chuan did not believe a single word.

When he had left to send Empress Dowager Zhou back, she was clearly in a good mood!

Originally, Empress Dowager Zhou’s banquet was to make a fool of her, but she had shocked everyone and shined bright.  How could she be in a bad mood!

The one feeling bad should be his mother!

Only if she wasn’t willing to speak, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get a reply.  Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t want to force her.

At this moment, two soft knocks came from the window.  It was Xiao Si.

Mo Chuan disappeared to beside the window and asked in a deep voice, “What did you find?”

“Reporting to the emperor.  This servant has already asked the palace gate’s guards.  When the Princess Consort was sending the three girls off, she met a person.”  Xiao Si said in a low voice from the window.”

“Who was it?”

“It was King Ding Yuan’s personal aide, named Xiao An Zi.  The palace gate guards said that Xiao An Zi came into the palace with King Ding Yuan’s token and then gave the Princess Consort some clothes.  After Xiao An Zi gave the items to the Princess Consort, he quickly left, not staying a single second longer.  Only, according to the guard, when the Princess Consort saw Xiao An Zi, her face turned pale and her footing became unstable.  It was lucky Xiao An Zi reacted fast and supported the Princess Consort.  Other than that, there was nothing else.”

Xiao Si knew what his master was concerned about, so he asked for everything, not leaving out a single detail.

“I understand.  Go and guard outside, let no one come in!”  Mo Chuan coldly ordered.

Chu Shao Yang!

It really was Chu Shao Yang!

He had already guessed a part of it.  The only one that can turn her like this, other than Chu Shao Yang, there was no one else!

Damn, what did that bastard send people to talk to her about?

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