Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 462

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Chapter 462: Special gift

“Alright, then I’ll call you big sister Ning from now on.  You can also call me little sister Yan.”  Xia Yu Yan said in a happy voice.

While the two of them held hands and walked out while talking, Wu Yue Er and Liu Wan Ting were walking behind the two of them.  They were feeling angry and disappointed, as well as looking very listless.

Once they arrived in front of the Peaceful Life Palace, Chen Ning suddenly stopped and said goodbye to Xia Yu Yan.

“Little sister Yan, forgive me for not sending you off, but the Empress Dowager has ordered that I am not allowed to leave the Peaceful Life Palace.  If little sister Yan is called to the palace by the Empress Dowager again, then let’s talk again.”  She revealed a smile.

On the road out, she and Xia Yu Yan had chatted quite a bit.  Although Xia Yu Yan was arrogant, this was because everyone kept praising her all year round.  After suffering a setback in the palace, her edge was much less sharper now and she became much more kind.

Xia Yu Yan was a bit reluctant as she grabbed her hand and said, “Big sister Ning, if you want to see me, then you can also invite me into the palace.  The Empress Dowager seems to like big sister Ning, so if you say something, it’s sure to happen.”

Wu Yue Er and Liu Wan Ting’s eyes lit up.  They were cursing themselves for being silly, seeing such a good chance in front of them and letting it go like this.  It was taken away by Xia Yu Yan for nothing.

The two of them came forward and pushed Xia Yu Yan back.  They kept talking to Chen Ning, calling her “big sister Ning” without stop.

“Big sister Ning, if you want to invite big sister Xia next time, you have to remember to mention my name to the Empress Dowager as well.  I also want to see big sister Ning again.”

“That’s right.  Big sister Ning, Wan’er really likes you and you seem like a real big sister to me.  Wan’er hopes that I can get closer with big sister Ning as well.”

Chen Ning slightly curled her lips and revealed a faint smile.

She could tell who was real and who was fake from these three with a single glance.  It was a pity they found the wrong person since she wasn’t a cherished person to Empress Dowager Zhou, but rather a thorn in her side.

After today, Empress Dowager Zhou would feel even more hate towards her.

After sending off the three girls, Chen Ning stood at the palace doors.  She watched those three sedans going along the palace roads and pass through the palace doors, finally disappearing without a trace.

She silently stood there for a bit.  When she figured that Mo Chuan and Empress Dowager Zhou’s talk was over, she slowly turned to enter the palace doors.

She suddenly heard a flurry of footsteps across the palace road.

“Princess Consort, Princess Consort!”  This voice was a little familiar.  When Chen Ning turned around, she saw a blue clothed youth running towards her.

“Why is it you?”  Chen Ning looked at him and found that this blue clothed youth was the servant named Xiao An Zi that followed Chu Shao Yang.  She instantly knit her brows.

She would feel disgust as long as she saw anyone that was on his side.  She would even feel nauseous as long as she thought of his name.

She could never forget what Chu Shao Yang did to her in the carriage that day.

“I greet the Princess Consort.”  Xia An Zi bowed down to greet her.

Chen Ning coldly said, “What are you doing here?”

“This servant is following his highness’ orders to send some things over for the Princess Consort.”  Xiao An Zi opened the large bag on his back and respectfully presented it forward, “These are the normal clothes that the Princess Consort wears that his highness ordered me to bring into the palace.  There is also a special present from his highness to the Princess Consort inside.”

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