Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 461

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Chapter 461: Heart’s yearning

Liu Wan Ting first looked at Xia Yu Yan and Wu Yue Er with a look of pride before walking in front of Empress Dowager Zhou with a beaming expression.  She raised her delicate face and looked at Empress Dowager Zhou with a bright smile.

“Empress Dowager, Wan’er has prepared a special song for the Empress Dowager named «Bird Song Flower Fragrance».  It is a long lost song and it’s said that one will be able to smell the fragrance of flowers and can attract the birds to sing along.  Wan’er has practiced this song for a long time.”

As soon as she said this, Xia Yu Yan and Wu Yue Er pursed their lips and revealed a look of disdain.

Looking at her trying so hard to please, the Empress Dowager did not find her pleasant either!

Empress Dowager Zhou smiled as she held Liu Wan Ting’s hands.  She stroked her hair before placing a hair pin through it as well.

“Good child, this widow knows your concern, only this widow is tired right now.  We’ll change the day for you to come to the palace and play for this widow.

Liu Wan Ting’s eyes went wide and she was stunned.

The Empress Dowager was not even going to listen to her well prepared song?

“Empress Dowager…….”  How could she be willing to give up this rare opportunity.  She wanted to say something.

Su Jin first cut her off, “Miss Wan’er, it is getting late and the Empress Dowager has just recovered from her illness, so she needs to rest at this hour every day.  If you want to play the zither for the Empress Dowager, there is still a chance.  The Empress Dowager will call you into the palace again, so why the rush?”

Liu Wan Ting’s face turned completely red and she was stunned.

Xia Yu Yan reminded her, “Little sister Wan’er, you still haven’t thanked the Empress Dowager for her grace.”

“Wan’er thanks the Empress Dowager.”  Liu Wan Ting’s nail dug deep into her palm, almost vomiting blood.

Empress Dowager Zhou waved at Xia Yu Yan and also placed a hair pin in for her.  She said with a smile, “This widow is tired, this widow cannot compare to the energy you young girls have.  Ding Yuan Princess, help this widow send these three girls out of the palace.”

After saying this, she slowly stood up from her chair and said, “Emperor, you can send this widow home.”

The depth of Mo Chuan’s eyes sparkled, “Yes, mother.”

He supported Empress Dowager Zhou as they walked into the Peaceful Life Palace.

The three girls behind them were reluctant to see his tall back disappear from their sights.  They were excited when they entered the palace, but it all disappeared without a trace and it was replaced with a sense of lost.

They wished to enter the palace to serve the emperor, but that did not happen.

“Three misses, please.”

Chen Ning knew that Empress Dowager Zhou had something secret to talk to Mo Chuan about and didn’t want her to hear, so she sent her away.

Hearing this, Wu Yue Er and Liu Wan Ting couldn’t help glaring at her, feeling hate in their hearts.

Although they knew Chen Ning’s identity, they couldn’t help feeling jealous of her.

Especially after they saw the emperor continue to stare at her.  Their hearts were filled with all kinds of emotions and all kinds of emotions that could not be described.

However Xia Yu Yan was much more friendly to Chen Ning, especially after hearing Chen Ning’s mountain climbing poem.  What she felt towards Chen Ning could be described as “admiration”.

Just like yearning for a level one cannot reach.

“Princess Consort, Yu Yan has said offensive words before, I hope you don’t mind them.”

“Miss Yu Yan, just call me by my name in the future.  I should be a year older than you, so if you don’t mind, you can just call me big sister Ning.”  Chen Ning smiled as she grabbed her hand.

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