Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 460

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Chapter 460: Not to one’s tastes

Xia Yu Yan and Liu Wan Ting covered their mouths as they laughed.  When their laughter entered Wu Yue Er’s ears, it was as sharp as needles.

“Ding Yuan Princess, this one really likes your lake’s intriguing map, can you give it to this one?”

When Wu Yue Er was filled with hate and anger, she suddenly heard Mo Chuan’s melodious voice ring out.


The emperor actually spoke out, asking for the Ding Yuan Princess’ painting that one couldn’t see through?

Wu Yue Er almost did not dare believe her own ears.

Her eyes opened wide as she desperately stared at the painting in Chen Ning’s hands.  Just what was so good about this painting?

Chen Ning was also stunned, but then gave a casual laugh.

“This was just something I made randomly.  If the emperor likes it, then you can have it.”

“This one likes it very much.”

His words made Empress Dowager Zhou’s face sink even more and made Chen Ning’s face fill with a slight blush.

Xiao Si took the painting from her hands and carefully rolled it up.  He held it like it was a precious treasure.

Wu Yue Er became more unhappy the more she saw, with angry tears almost falling down.

“Empress Dowager, Yue Er is not satisfied.  Please give us your opinion.  Is Yue Er’s painting better or is the princess’ painting better?”

Wu Yue Er had tears in her eyes, looking very delicate and charming as she knelt down in front of Empress Dowager Zhou.

She saw that the emperor’s heart was completely focused on Chen Ning which was like a bucket of cold water to her heart.  The only hope she had was that she could win the Empress Dowager’s appreciation and support.

How could Empress Dowager Zhou not understand her meaning?

“Yue Er, stand up.  In terms of painting, you far surpass the Ding Yuan Princess, but in terms of painting moods, you can’t compare, so you are considered about even.  This widow likes both of them.  Su Jin, take out three blue jade hair pins from this widow’s jewelry box and give them to these three girls as a reward.”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”  Su Jin quickly left after replying and quickly came back with three beautiful hair pins.

“Yue Er, come, this widow will personally put it on for you.  You were born with such a pair of skilled hands for painting, you will definitely marry a fine gentleman in the future.  I don’t know which family’s son will be blessed enough to marry a girl with a kind heart like yours.”

Empress Dowager Zhou helped Wu Yue Er put on the hair pin while speaking in a gentle manner.

Wu Yue Er’s face turned whiter than a piece of paper.  Her body began to tremble as her heart lost all hope.

The Empress Dowager’s meaning was that they didn’t like her.  Her desire of entering the palace to become a concubine had disappeared into smoke!

“Yue Er……thanks the Empress Dowager for her reward.”  She bit her lips and almost began to cry.  However, she forced out a smile and thanked the Empress Dowager.

Xia Yu Yan saw her smile that was uglier than her crying and her heart filled with satisfaction.  She secretly scolded, “You deserve it!”

Just her, Wu Yue Er wanted to climb the branches and become a phoenix?  In her dreams!

Liu Wan Ting just felt joy descending from the heavens.

Xia Yu Yan’s poem had embarrassed her and Wu Yue Er had been abandoned by the Empress Dowager, only leaving her.  The blessing of entering the palace to become a concubine had fallen on her head.

Her heart continued to beat and she was so nervous that she almost couldn’t breathe.  Her eyes eagerly looked at Empress Dowager Zhou and was waiting for her to call her name.

In order to impress, she had specially brought the zither that she normally used.  This was an ancient zither with a clear sound that was very expensive.

“Wan’er, come here.”  Empress Dowager Zhou beckoned to her with her hand.

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