Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 459

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Chapter 459: Full of beauty and meaning

“Please look Empress Dowager, Ning’er’s painting is called the lake’s intriguing map.”

“Lake’s intriguing map?  Interesting, interesting.”

Empress Dowager Zhou was confused hearing this, but she still revealed an interested look.  She nodded as she asked, “In this lake, what is intriguing about it?”

“Empress Dowager, the lake is transparent, so on the paper it is also transparent.  This paper itself is the world of water, with water vegetation and small groups of shrimp swimming around…..”  She pointed to the lower right corner as she spoke in a serious voice.

Everyone opened their eyes wide to where she was pointing, but found a clean slate.  Where were the water vegetation and the shrimp.

They thought there was a problem with their eyes.  They rubbed them and found that there was still nothing there.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help looking at Mo Chuan.  His eyes had a smile and he was staring right at the Chen Family’s daughter, not looking at the painting in her hand, but staring at her face.  Even if she said that there was an elephant in the painting, he would still nod without any hesitation.

“Ning’er, where are the water vegetation you’re talking about?  Why can’t this widow see them?  Also, where are the shrimp you mentioned?”  Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t hold back and finally asked this.

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager.  The vegetation was eaten by the shrimp so naturally you can’t see them.  When the little shrimp ate the vegetation, they never thought that a fish would suddenly swim by, turning all the little shrimp into a meal, so they’re all gone.  After the fish have finished eating, they all swam away, so this paper is nothing but clear water.”

Chen Ning’s words flowed smoothly with her clear voice.  She made things sound very good, enthusiastically weaving the story.

The smile on Mo Chuan’s lips couldn’t help turning bigger.  This girl was really bold, daring to lie in front of the Empress Dowager and him, the emperor.  Wasn’t she afraid of losing her head?

From the corner of his eyes, he could see that Empress Dowager Zhou’s face had sunk.  Before she could vent her anger, he said, “The Ding Yuan Princess’ painting is good and her explaining is even better.  From this explanation, this really is a painting filled with beauty and meaning!”

His timely words completely stopped Empress Dowager Zhou’s lips.

Empress Dowager Zhou gave an angry snort.

“Mother has said it before, so your son has to praise the Ding Yuan Princess’ painting.  The birds will fly and the fish will swim, but can this be seen with one’s eyes?  The shrimp and fish all live in this painting, this really is an interesting painting.  This is the first time this one has seen anything like this!”

Oh!  So it’s like this!

After everyone hear this, they revealed looks of suddenly realizing something.  Interesting, this was really interesting.

Everyone began to call this painting good.

Wu Yue Er almost spat out blood in anger.  This kind of shit painting had actually won this kind of praise?  Even the emperor was filled with praise for her painting.  Why!

She stared at the painting and then suddenly said in a loud voice, “Princess Consort, you said the fish swam away after eating the shrimp, then what are those three curves on the paper?”

“Oh, this.”  Chen Ning slowly said, “After the fish are full, they will naturally release excrements which becomes fertilizer, creating these three fat worms.  As they grow bigger, they will leave the lake’s mud for the shore.  Miss Wu, you’re asking me what these are, but these are clearly earthworms!  You can’t even recognize earthworms?”

She pretended to look at Wu Yue Er with wide eyes filled with surprise.

Wu Yue Er’s face went from red to white and white to purple.  She was so angry that she couldn’t even speak.

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