Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: The deep illusion of the painting


Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned.  If it wasn’t for her strong will, she would have broken down.

Behind her, the maids and eunuchs all shrank their necks down.  They had suppressed smiles on their faces, but no one dared to laugh.

Liu Wan Ting however gave a giggle, with her laugh being clearer than a silver bell.  She ran beside Chen Ning and looked over her painting before looking at the lake.  Her eyes were wide open as she asked, “Princess Consort, Wan’er can’t see a lake in your painting at all.  It just seems like three caterpillars, hee, hee.”

She seemed very innocent, but whether this was real or not could not hide from Chen Ning’s eyes.

Chen Ning’s eyes looked over her face and her lips curled into a smile of ridicule.

“Is that so?  Then that means you don’t know how to appreciate this princess’ painting.”

Liu Wan Ting was stunned before finally reacting to this ridicule with her face turning completely red.

Xia Yu Yan saw her suffer a loss, so with a quick mind, she praised, “Princess Consort’s words are right.  For such a wonderful and interesting painting, those people that have no eyes cannot understand it.”

Liu Wan Ting was filled with anger and hate.  She didn’t dare vent at Chen Ning, but she was not as polite with Xia Yu Yan.  She immediately retorted, “Then do you understand it?  You’re saying the painting isn’t of caterpillars, then what is it?”

Of course Xia Yu Yan could not understand it.  She raised her chin and revealed a fake deep smile, “Of course I can understand it.  For this kind of profound painting, you need to properly look it over to understand it.  Isn’t that right, Princess Consort?”

Chen Ning was secretly laughing, but she nodded and said, “That’s right.  Miss Xia truly has good eyes because normal people would not be able to see it.”

As soon as she said this, everyone looked at the painting in her hand.

Looking up, down, left, and right, they wanted to see where the illusion of this painting was.

Wu Yue Er did not even focus on painting, with her eyes looking over at Chen Ning’s painting.

She was very proud and pretentious.  If there was an illusion that other people could not see through, how could she not see through it.

She looked all over it, but felt that this painting looked like earthworms and caterpillars.  There was nothing special she could see about it.

But even Xia Yu Yan could see it, so how could she not!

The more she thought about it, the more unconvinced she was.  She kept staring at Chen Ning’s painting, almost staring a hole right through it.

Empress Dowager Zhou was also filled with doubts.  She whispered to Mo Chuan, “Emperor, can you see through the illusion of this painting?”

Mo Chuan thought in his heart, “What deep illusions, this is just three earthworms!  Oh, no, it was his Mo character!”

He revealed an inscrutable expression, “Your son of course can see it.  Can mother not see through it?”

Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned.  She stared at Mo Chuan and her face turned slightly warm.

“Ning’er, there seems to be a lot of people that can’t see through the illusion of your painting.  How about you tell everyone the mysteries of your painting, so we can all enjoy it together.”

After she said this, everyone nodded.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help praising her.  Empress Dowager Zhou’s words were very smooth.  She clearly did not understand it, but she made it out to be other people’s faults.

Everyone was eagerly looking at Chen Ning, waiting for her to reveal the puzzle of the painting.

He slightly curled his lips and a smile filled his eyes.  He was looking forward to what this strange girl would say.

Chen Ning smiled as she lifted the painting, placing the three earthworms in front of everyone.  Her eyes looked very graceful, but they also sparkled.

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