Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: The Empress Dowager framing someone

When did he ever say this!

Mo Chuan never would have thought that the Empress Dowager would frame him like this!

Even if he wanted to explain, he couldn’t do so.  He couldn’t publically refute what Empress Dowager Zhou said, right?

He could only swallow this anger.

Sure enough, Chen Ning angrily glared at Mo Chuan while biting her lips.  Did he want to implicate her to death like this?

When did he even see her paint!

“Ning’er, are you willing?”  Empress Dowager Zhou asked with a smile.

Right now, she looked like a smiling old fox in Chen Ning’s eyes!

“Of course.”  Chen Ning calmed herself.  Wasn’t it just painting?

She didn’t know how to paint people or scenery, but didn’t she know how to paint earthworms?

“Alright, then this widow and the emperor will be waiting for your masterpieces.”  Empress Dowager Zhou leaned back in satisfaction.  She looked over at Mo Chuan and was not surprised to see the vein on his head popping out.

He, he, she loved to see this disobedient brat’s angered appearance.

There were all colours of paints in front of Wu Yue Er.  Yellow, grey, white, green, and etc.  There were also various large and small brushes.

She had been studying for ten years from the masters, drawing all kinds of well acclaimed pictures.  She wanted to take this chance to show off by drawing a garden filled with the colour of spring.

There were mountains, trees, flowers fluttering in the wind, butterflies, swallows, and people enjoying the flowers.

Just looking at her painting, one could tell that it would be a masterpiece.  Only to finish this painting, it was not something that could be done in a short period of time.

“Princess Consort, what materials do you need?  This servant will prepare them for you.”

Su Jin saw that Chen Ning had no materials and couldn’t help secretly feeling worried for her, so she asked this question of out concern.

“Oh, I don’t need anything.  Aunt Su Jin, you can just help me grind out some ink.”  Chen Ning replied with a smile.


Su Jin was filled with doubt, but she did not dare ask, so she made the ink.

Chen Ning held the pen and dipped it into the black ink.  Raising the pen, she swept it across the paper.

“I’m done.”  She put down the pen and moved a step back.  She moved back to look over her painting and felt very satisfied.


Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan were both surprised.  They couldn’t help standing up and coming over to look at it.

Their faces couldn’t help turning dark.

This, this, this…..What was this?

On the snow white piece of paper, there were three earthworm like things.  Other than that, there was nothing else.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help secretly gritting his teeth.  Why did she draw this Mo character for?

Drawing earthworms!  How did she even think of this!

Everyone that saw Chen Ning’s drawing couldn’t stop their face from twitching.  They wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare do so.  They could only lower their heads while keeping it in, with their shoulders secretly moving.

Wu Yue Er revealed a look of disdain and pride.

Ha, ha, she had thought the Ding Yuan Princess would be quite powerful.  Not to look at her good poetry, but how could they compete in drawing?  She could draw earthworms to entertain children, but the Empress Dowager and the emperor were not children!

Empress Dowager Zhou took in a deep breath and then held Mo Chuan’s hand as she sat down.

“Ding Yuan Princess, this widow gave a topic of painting the surrounding garden, but I can’t tell what it is that you painted.  This widow’s eyes are bad and can’t see what it is, so can you explain it for this widow?”

“Alright.”  Chen Ning raised her own painting and looked over at the lake.  She pointed over her shoulder, “Empress Dowager, Ning’er’s painting is one of the lake.”

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