Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 447

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Chapter 447: Making them surprised

She turned towards Chen Ning with a faint smile and said, “Princess Consort, the Empress Dowager said that we would be displaying our talents later.  Big sister Xia has her poetry, big sister Wu has her painting, and Wan’er’s zither playing is not bad.  I wonder, what talent will the Princess Consort be displaying?”

As soon as he voice fell, Xia Yu Yan slowly spoke up with a complaining voice, “Little sister Wan Ting, everyone in the capital knows that before the Princess Consort was married, she had a large reputation in our capital.  Who didn’t know that the Princess Consort doesn’t like study or do housework, she was nothing more than an idiot young miss.  If you ask the Princess Consort to display her talents, wouldn’t you be trying to embarrass the Princess Consort?”

It had to be said, this Xia Yu Yan’s words were very soft, but her words were much sharper than Liu Wan Ting’s words.  It was filled with the jealous tone of a woman.

Wu Yue Er calmly said, “Big sister Xia, little sister Liu, the Princess Consort is so beautiful and deeply loved by King Ding Yuan, how could she be stupid?  You shouldn’t listen to those rumours and slander the Princess Consort.  Princess Concert, please don’t blame them.”

She revealed a gentle smile to Chen Ning and said, “Yue Er believes that the Princess Consort will surprise us, impressing both the Empress Dowager and the emperor.  Isn’t that right, Princess Consort?”

Un, listening to them, this Wu Yue Er was the best with words.

Every word she said was a hidden blade.

The three of them had been fighting with each other, none of them giving an inch.  However, after suddenly seeing the emperor ignore all three of them and display his affections to the Princess Consort, they suddenly formed a team and began to work against Chen Ning.

Chen Ning just smiled, not feeling angry.  She revealed a playful expression as she looked at the three girls.

“That’s right, you’re completely right.  This princess will shock all of you.”

The smile on the faces of the three girls froze and they couldn’t help secretly gritting their teeth.

How could this princess’ face be this thick!  Couldn’t she hear that the three of them were mocking her?  She actually still boasted without any shame!

“Wan’er wants to ask the Princess Consort, what will the Princess Consort be performing?  Will it be poetry, painting, or playing the zither and dancing?”

Liu Wan Ting was the most direct person.  She could not remain patient and blurted this out.

Chen Ning smiled as she looked at her.  With that smile on her face, she said, “I can do all of them.”

All of them?

The three girls couldn’t help taking in a cold breath of air, looking at Chen Ning with eyes filled with disbelief.

“Princess Consort truly has a bold tone!  Could your meaning be that it doesn’t matter which one it would be?”  Xia Yu Yan lifted her chin, looking very proud, speaking with a voice of disdain.

There were only the four of them left in the pavilion.  They no longer needed to maintain the kind and gentle manner of a young lady and revealed their aggressive manner.

“Perhaps.”  Chen Ning curled her lips into a smile.

She said this while placing a grape into her mouth.  Wu, it’s really sweet.

She was not like these three silly girls, quibbling with each other, not eating a single thing when faced with this table filled with delicacies.

Wu Yue Er pursed her lips into a smile.  She acted in an affectionate manner as she leaned in close to Chen Ning, speaking in a soft voice, “Princess Concert, you don’t know everything.  Big sister Xia is a famous person in the capital and if she claimed to be second in poetry, no one dares to claim themselves as first.  When displaying your talents later, you can do anything you want, but don’t compete with big sister Xia in poetry.”

On the surface she was mocking Chen Ning, but she was also secretly kicking Xia Yu Yan.

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