Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 448

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Chapter 448: Marry whoever you want me to marry

How could Xia Yu Yan not see through this?  Her eyebrows raised and with a smile, she said, “Little sister Yue Er is also a master in painting.  The Princess Consort musn’t compete with little sister Yue Er in painting, otherwise you’ll make a fool of yourself.”

The three of them went back and forth, they were criticizing each other while attacking Chen Ning.

Chen Ning continued to smiling, eating while listening.  It was as if the three of them weren’t mocking her, but rather praising her.

From time to time, she deliberately added oil to the flames by something something, causing them to continue fighting.  They were like three hens fighting each other.

The fighting of the four people in the pavilion fell onto the eyes and ears of Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan in the garden.

Empress Dowager Zhou could hear that each girl’s mouth was very powerful, with each sentence they said becoming meaner.  Her face became more and more ugly, becoming completely overcast.

She just stood here watching the three of them for a while.  Seeing that they were slowly getting worse, she couldn’t bear to listen any longer and angrily turned to leave.

“Emperor, what are you planning!”  She heard Mo Chuan’s footsteps coming from behind her, causing her to suddenly stop and turn around.  She angrily glared at Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan also stopped and calmly looked at Empress Dowager Zhou, “Your son doesn’t understand what mother is asking.”

“Stop playing dumb for this widow!  You deliberately showed your affection to that girl, wasn’t it just to fill these girls’ hearts with jealousy towards her?  You’re deliberately making a fool of them in front of that girl, aren’t you!”  Empress Dowager Zhou snapped at him.

Mo Chuan calmly replied, “Your son just wanted mother to clearly see what was called front face and back face.  If your son did not do this, how could mother have seen such a wonderful play?”

“Presumptuous!  This widow does not want to watch a play!  These three girls are both talented and beautiful daughters of large families, they are a hundred times better than that girl!  This widow wants to pick a virtuous and talented empress for you, not some kind of idiot!  Emperor, do you dare go back with the widow?  This widow will have that girl and the other three compete in talents, letting you see who will make a fool of themselves and who is an idiot!”  Empress Dowager Zhou coldly said this.

She did not care about what had just happened.  She had entered the harem palace in her teens and she had said the same things as these girls in the past.  She had also been mocked by others in the past, it did not matter at all.

She was just angry that Mo Chuan only focused on Chen Ning, devoting himself to her.  How could she allow her son stare on like this!  The girl that he liked was nothing more than a grass filled flower embroidered pillow!

“Your son is very willing.”  Mo Chaun nodded without even thinking, revealing a confident smile on his face.

The girl that could make him fall in love would be unique in this world.  How could she be as stupid as the Empress Dowager thought she was?

“If this girl loses to the other three, what will you do?”  Empress Dowager Zhou then asked.

“Then your son will listen to mother.  Whoever mother wants your son to marry, your son will marry!”  Mo Chuan already guessed that Empress Dowager Zhou would say this, so his answer was very direct.

“Very good, the emperor better keep his word!”  Empress Dowager Zhou was finally satisfied.

She was waiting for this sentence from Mo Chuan.

Her over cast face suddenly revealed a smile and grabbed Mo Chuan’s hand, “Come, let’s go back to the pavilion.”

Mo Chuan however did not move, “Mother, if Ning’er wins, then what?”

“Humph, if she wins against those three, then this widow will close one eye to your matters and let you do as you wish!”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s words seemed to make her suffocate, but she was certain of victory because she knew it was impossible for her to lose!

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