Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 446

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Chapter 446: Doing everything to please

The three girls’ eyes opened wide.  Seeing the emperor’s sweet chestnut cake being placed in front of Chen Ning, their eyes couldn’t help filling with jealousy.

Chen Ning’s lips slightly opened as she looked at the chestnut cake in front of her.  She did not need to look to tell that the three girls’ burning gazes were glaring right at her.

What did Mo Chuan mean by this?

Did he know that this move from him was equivalent to causing three large troubles for her?

She wanted to silently watch the play, but now, everything had changed.  The spears of the three girls were now all aimed at her.

“Xiao Si, this bowl of sweet rose soup isn’t bad.  Send it over to the Princess Consort.”

Mo Chuan placed the sweet soup he took a sip of down.  Xiao Si immediately picked it up and quickly placed it in front of Chen Ning.

Seeing this, Empress Dowager Zhou could not remain calm.

She glared right at Mo Chuan, wanting to see what kind of medicine he had taken.

Mo Chuan pretended not to notice Empress Dowager Zhou’s anger.  He looked up and revealed a smile to Chen Ning.  This smile was like the clear skies without any clouds, incomparably bright.

Chen Ning almost threw the sweet soup into his face.

The three girls almost began to cry, feeling anger and jealousy.  Their eyes staring at Chen Ning’s face almost burned a hole right through it.

What is this!

Why was the emperor alway staring at the Ding Yuan Princess.  Not only is he giving her delicious foods, he is also smiling at her!

Was it just because she was pretty!

With a “pa” sound, Empress Dowager Zhou slammed her chopsticks on the table.

She could not eat anymore, being filled up by her anger.

This was just nonsense!

She understood that if Mo Chuan was allowed to continue, it would be unknown how much affection he would show to that girl in front of her and the other three girls!

Was he trying to expose his and the Ding Yuan Princess’ feelings to the city?

“Mother, why are you not eating anymore?  Is this dragon shrimp not suited to your tastes?  Xiao Si, give an order and punish the one that made this dish with fifty beatings!”  Mo Chuan ordered Xiao Si without any changes in his expression.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s chest was blocked by her anger.  She slowly said, “Emperor, this widow is full.  This widow wants to take a walk outside, are you willing to accompany your mother?”

“Your son would be very willing.”  Mo Chuan stood up and respectfully helped Empress Dowager Zhou up.

The two of them slowly walked out of the lake pavilion.  The mother and son seemed very close, whispering to one another.  In the eyes of the three girls, it was the sentimental picture of a son showing his mother filial piety.

Only when the three of them recovered, their eyes all fell onto Chen Ning and the look in their eyes changed.

When Empress Dowager Zhou and the emperor left, there were only these four girls who were around the same age and the eunuchs and maids serving them.

Liu Wan Ting looked over and said with a smile, “Now that the Empress Dowager and the emperor are not here, we sisters now have a chance to talk with one another.  Do the big sisters agree to having the servants wait to the side?”

Xia Yu Yan and Wu Yue Er both nodded, “That’s fine.”

The three of them looked at Chen Ning, “What does the Princess Consort feel?”

Chen Ning calmly placed down her chopsticks and her clear as water eyes looked at the three of them.  With a faint smile, she said, “Alright.”

How could she not tell what these three girls were planning?

“You can all leave.”

When the eunuchs and maids left, Liu Wan Ting was the first one to lose her patience.

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