Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 445

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Chapter 445: None of my business

She looked down, not looking at him.  She was secretly muttering, why was he here?

Did he hear that Empress Dowager Zhou set up this banquet to make it hard on her, so he quickly came over to support her?

Or did he know that Empress Dowager Zhou wanted him to pick his wife from these three, so he personally came to pick them?

“Come, let’s begin this feast.”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave the command and the eunuchs and maids took away the fruit desserts, as they began to serve up the beautiful dishes.

With fragrant wine and beautiful dishes, but no one here wanted to eat at all.  Everyone was thinking about something.

The three girls sat beside the emperor.  They had never been this close to the emperor before, only looking up would let them see his beautiful face.  Their hearts were about to jump out of their chests, how could they want to eat.

They all sat upright, only taking a few sips of tea.  They did not make a single move towards the dishes of food the maids placed in front of them.

Thinking of how they would display their talents to the emperor after the meal, they were filled with nervousness, how could they want to eat.

Chen Ning’s appetite however was very good.  She knew that everything that happened today was none of her business, so she ate whatever the maids served her, feeling that it was all very delicious.

Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan’s eyes unknowingly fell onto her face.  Especially Mo Chuan, he was looking right at her, as if he was reluctant to blink.

She was not graceful when eating, swallowing everything in a bold manner.  When she was eating good food, her eyes narrowed together, like a cat that was satisfied after stealing food.

Mo Chuan’s lips sightly curled up and his eyes unknowingly revealed a look of adoration.

Whenever he saw her eat, he had an impulse to rub the top of her head.

It was a pity that they were separated by Empress Dowager Zhou.  He could only look and could not touch.

Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly felt her own stomach becoming hungry, so she looked away.  She used a pair of chopsticks to pick up a crab dumpling and slowly placed it in her mouth.

She never liked this kind of greasy food before, but not knowing why, looking at Chen Ning eating so happily, she wanted to give it a try.

“Wu, not bad.  This crab dumpling is quite good.  Su Jin, prepare another portion for this widow and also give a large reward to the person that made this dish.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s words surprised Su Jin.  She looked at the half eaten crab dumpling in front of Empress Dowager Zhou and her mouth was wide enough to stuff an egg in.

“Mother, this dumpling is too greasy, it isn’t good for you to eat a lot.  How about eating some lighter dishes?”  Mo Chuan used his chopsticks to place a dragon shrimp in the dish in front of Empress Dowager Zhou.

“That’s also fine.”  Empress Dowager Zhou smiled as she took a bit.  Her eyes fell onto the dish in front of Mo Chuan and then she made an “yi” sound, “Emperor, this widow remembers that you love eating this sweet chestnut cake, but your chopsticks have not moved at all today.  Could it be that this cake is not suited to your tastes?”

“Mother, you remembered it wrong, your son does not like sweet foods.  Ding Yuan Princess, if you like it, then this one’s portion can be given to you.”

Mo Chuan had long noticed that Chen Ning’s sweet chestnut cake had been eaten by her in three bites, so he acted in an modest manner.

He picked up the dish and placed it in Xiao Si’s hand, pointing his lips over at Chen Ning.  Xiao Si immediately went over and respectfully placed it in front of Chen Ning.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression sank and her eyes glared at Mo Chuan.

What was this brat thinking of doing!

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