Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 444

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Chapter 444: Competition

Liu Wan Ting squatted down in front of Empress Dowager Zhou and looked up as she said, “Empress Dowager, Wan Ting will help you massage your feet.”

“Good, good.  You three children are all truly considerate, this widow really likes this.”  Empress Dowager Zhou narrowed her eyes in comfort.

When Chen Ning saw this, she almost revealed her amusement.

Empress Dowager Zhou was really a smart old person.  Just a few words were enough to make the three girls fiercely fight with each other.  She really was an expert that had dominated the harem palace.

She looked down and silently drank from her own tea cup.

The harem palace, this was truly a terrifying place.  She just could not understand why these girls with smart heads would spend so many years there fighting with each other, competing with one another.

Even if they fight to the end and win, they would have wasted many years and have turned old already.

Actually, Empress Dowager Zhou was the best example.  Just looking at her, once could see the future of someone spending their lives as a palace girl.

Chen Ning suddenly gave a shiver.

If she really stayed with Mo Chuan, wouldn’t the current Empress Dowager Zhou be her future?

“The emperor is here!”  While the three girls were surrounding Empress Dowager Zhou and competing with each other, a sudden loud and clear voice rang out.

The three girls were all stunned.

Empress Dowager Zhou and Chen Ning were also stunned.

Looking outside the lake pavilion, they saw a tall and handsome figure slowly walking over.

With his back to the light, they couldn’t see his face, but he was surrounded by a royal prestige.  All the eunuchs and maids in his path all knelt down in front of him.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help knitting her brows.  She did not think that Mo Chuan would appear here.  After all, if her son saw her bullying his beloved woman, then his son would hate her.

However…..Since he was here, she would let him see that his beloved woman was nothing more than an idiotic vase, letting him give up as soon as possible.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression did not change as she waited for Mo Chuan to walk in, bowing down to her.

“Your son greets mother.”  His voice was like a cold spring splashing on stones.

When the three girls saw him approach, they couldn’t stop their faces from turning red in embarrassment.  They lowered their heads, but hearing his voice made their hearts beat as fast as a young deer running.

But no one dared to look up at the emperor.

“Emperor, aren’t you busy managing affairs, how do you have time to visit this widow?”  Empress Dowager Zhou pulled her son up by his hand and asked with a smile.

“Your son has finished his matters and heard that mother has good wine here, so I came to ask mother for a cup of wine.  Does mother not welcome your son?”

Mo Chuan revealed a faint smile.  His delicate facial features with a trace of a smile  made his face seem like it was made of jade, beautiful and refined.

The three girls all secretly took a peek at him and couldn’t help being enchanted by the faint smile on his face.

“The emperor has come at the right time.  Not only does this widow have good wine, I also have pretty flowers.  Come and sit beside this widow, and take a good look over them.”

Empress Dowager Zhou allowed Mo Chuan sit on her right and had Chen Ning sit on her left.

Her smile had a double meaning to it, making the three girls instantly turn red from shyness.

“We greet the emperor.”  The three of them all bowed to him.

“No need.”  Mo Chuan waved his hand.

Although he sat down, he did not look over at Chen Ning.  However Chen Ning could feel the corner of his eyes looking past Empress Dowager Zhou, falling onto her.

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